Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

Whew! What a day.

I was the shopping QUEEN! Today didn’t start out to great what with us getting up about a half hour before we had to be in town to meet up with Scott. I hate getting up late like that. So we rushed around and got there in time, had a bite of lunch-breakfast then headed on home. I took a nap, woke up, didn’t feel well so I took another nap. And then another. I wasn’t feeling so great after the third nap so I headed off for a fourth and begged off the cocktail party we were supposed to go to.

After my fourth nap I was feeling better so I went out SHOPPING! I hit Bed Bath and Beyond, Hillers, Borders, Starbucks (Mmmm, cinnamon spice mocha!), the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop, World Market, Kohl’s, Best Buy and then Meijers and we now have just about all of our Christmas Shopping done. Whooo! All we need to pick up is two things from one part of town and another present on the other side of town and we are DONE!

OH! I also got a really good deal on a swanky dress thing. Actually, it has a really stupid jacket that makes me look like a bulgy shump but for $14 I got a really nice black dress (and silly jacket thing) that I can wear under my keen oriental jacket. I also got a neat sheer burned velvet thing to wear with the snazzy black dress (with the stupid jacket) so I have two different dress things with one purchase. I like that sort of shopping.

I also didn’t buy any jewelry. That in itself is an amazing thing because there were a lot of shiny things that really wanted to come home with me. Alright, I have to go model my swanky new clothes for TheMan. See you tomorrow.

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