The Evilness of Word, a shiny bedroom and flaming fish.

I am in a cranky mood today (yeah yeah, how’s that any different from any other day?) I started out in high spirits until I remembered something I put off Friday because I did not want to get into it. Specifically the choice of program to create such and so a thing in. Word is awesome for writing…errr….words but man. It sucks rocks for doing any sort of elaborate form or publication thing. Now Publisher can handle doing complex visual things because it was designed for doing ‘publications’ (clever that no?) but it’s a mediocre at best word processing program. Neither can add a number to save their life.

Thus it pisses me off to no end to have to work in Word to create things which Publisher is much better suited for. Buuuut there is this whole money and licensing and whatnot so I’m stuck trying to manhandle Word into doing what I want it to do, all the while thinking “GAH! I could have had this done and finished a long time ago if I was working in Publisher!” Word days make me cranky.

I also kind of wish I had a sign that said “I’m on break”. Maybe I’ll whip one of them up…in PUBLISHER! HA! It took me a bit of time to eat my grapefruit today because I do not have an “on break” sign and I got interrupted several times.

Which brings me to grapefruits and eating of them there of (ahhh…wow, did I just fail to be all lawyery sounding there or what. Yikes). I’m a freak when it comes to grapefruits. I wind up peeling them, and then peeling them some more and then a little bit more for funs until all the white goonk is gone. Man, I hate that white goonk. Today’s grapefruit was extra odd because after I peeled the beegeebus out of it, I noticed that the core of my grapefruit was sorta fuzzy. Is that bad? I mean they are kinda fibrous anyway all with that white goonk so maybe it was OK or maybe that was its way of starting to rot. So I peeled the section casing off of the pulp bits and ate them all naked like and pulpy. Let me tell you, the pulp bits weren’t exactly excited to go either, it was like fourth of July in here what with the grapefruit squirting all over the place. Best of all, it was fun. I am the mighty grapefruit hunter!

So why was I in such a good mood before the whole document thing? I had THE most awesome weekend. TheMan and I got stuff done (moved a bunch of the book cases over and the wardrobe) and I got to be lazy too. Yesterday I did all the wash (heh, yea!) and took down Christmas and did a little organizing and took a hour and a half nap. You gotta love days like that. I sat there looking at the bedroom after getting it all squared away and thinking “Is this not nifty?!?” Tonight we attack the living room! Arrrrgh!

We had a most awesome Saturday too. After a late but, ummm, energetic start (heh heh!) TheMan and I went to Starbucks for eats and drinks and then to the new Barns and Noble store to check it out. It’s much smaller on the inside, which surprised me some. It looks freekin HUGE from the road. Anyway, I did find a most awesomely cool book of German idioms and picked that up. Found a couple of good thank you cards for X-mas gifts and then we blew that Popsicle stand and went to grab Rob. After schlepping stuff here and there we decided to grab Doug too and get us some eats.

Funny thing about sake. When it’s all warmed up nice and toasty like it hardly tastes like anything going down. Sure does pack a punch tho. We ate and ate and ate, mostly because we did not understand the whole buy one get one deal they had going and wound up with double the amount of food. You know, sometimes you just gotta splurge. And eat flaming fish. Yummmm. We rolled over to Robs, hung out and later he and TheMan played video games. Oh yeah, we almost burned the house down too but you know, as long as the roof did not catch fire, I think it was a successful evening.

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