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It’s all good!

Alright then, take a look at me all updating like every day in December so far. Go me! Of course this makes it harder for me to come up with my usual brilliant nuggets of wisdom (are too brilliant! I have it on top authority. Never you mind who, they are important people and that’s all you need to know. Very important people. Very.) so it may be that the whole of December just basically sucks. But I’m there for you, look!

It also means that occasionally things will get posted at the zero hour or *ahem* not as complete as they might ordinarily be (don’t look at yesterday’s Japanese Sna-HEY! I told you not to go a-looking over there. Now you’ve gone and done it, THEY will be most displeased. Yes, the giant ants. We go way back, me and THEM) but I have something for each and every day of December, yes I do. That’s my motto: Mediocrity in the name of timely and frequent updates. We aim to please most of the people none of the time here at YJS BYANOOU.

That’s my super secret elite web ring, incase you forgot. All one members are so far holding up to my self imposed standards. Things are going smashingly.

HoHoo, speaking of smashing, we have us some pumpkin wine juice. Did I mention the whole wine thing? Lemmie take a peek (another fine example of the YJS BYANOOU preparedness standard of writing) OK, it looks like I did not. Good news (every time you do your dishes) for the cranberry wine: It has started working. Hip Hip Horay! It only took TheMan (who is also my husband…*squee*. I just had to say that because I don’t often type HUSBAND when I am talking about him. Not that he needs a label, see…although I kinda have given him one already by referring to him as TheMan but he is also my husband. Ergo I should occasionally throw that in there because it’s really cool sounding. Husband! Oh gees, was that the trans-continental of tangents there or what? Just living up to the YJS BYANOOU standards. Where the hell was I going with this anyway? Oh yeah, TheMan, my husband’s wine thing. Moving on) about a week of poking, prodding, stirring, worrying, futzing, babying, adding, diluting, subtracting, cursing and an occasional kick to the bucket to get the cranberries percolating.

Actually, I think it was the threat of adding new and stronger yeast culture to the stew that got the old yeast up and going. Nothing like threatening to replace someone(thing) to get it up off its lazy ass and doing what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a small bottle of happy yeast looking for some wine to bother. Our pumpkins were starting to evolve slowly, the yeast was busy growing quickly and we had knives, trash bags and time last night so we up and sliced, skinned, shredded and boiled our pumpkins for the Winter 04 pumpkin wine batch. It seemed like a good idea at the time (note to self: Look around for the boss peeler that seems to have gone AWOL. It will save your thumb many hours of misery. Ow, poor perforated thumb).

In theory, if we can figure out how to spice pumpkin wine with a small bit of last year’s pumpkin wine batch, we just may go about spicing the whole or most of the 5 gallon shebang of this year’s crop. I’d like to leave a bit of unmolested wine because…errrr…well I have no real good reason why other than it would be nice to have pumpkin wine be a standard and compare year to year our standard pumpkin wine stuff. Although, come to think on it, pumpkin wine is very labor intensive. Why do we want to keep doing pumpkin wine every year if it’s such a pain in the butt? Whose idea was this anyway? I’m going to have to have a talk with them about this whole pumpkin wine thing, maybe we’ll do it if THEY pitch in and help with the prep. Yeah, I like that idea! Oh wait, that would be me. What am I thinking? Pumpkin wine. Pffft.

Well anyway, at least the smell of pumpkin in the air has masked the smoking mix stench that we had/have going.

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