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Power outs and Galactica revisited, part 2.

Much fun and excitement over here I tell you. I went up for my relief proctoring stint, which basically means I baby sit one of the LS exams for 20 to 30 minutes while the regular proctor goes and stretches their legs or gets some tea or what have you, and this time all hell broke loose. The exam happened to be a lap top exam so I read through the info materials, as I usually do, and just started to settle back and work on some Thank yous when Bzzzzt. The power failed.

There is nothing scarier than seeing the faces of entire class room of law students taking a computer exam moments after the power goes ziltch. It’s also the first time I’ve had to deal with anything weird like this. Huh! After pulling the curtains back so natural light got in, I went up to the registrar’s office and told them that the power was out. Nobody is happy. The building people are upset, the IT people are upset and the law students are upset. Happy Exam week everyone.

I’m not too upset, which leaves me firmly in the minority, but rather I thought it was an interesting adventure. Of course I’m not the chick whose battery is wonky and doesn’t work and will fail in 10 minutes. OK, you know, if you are going to be taking a lap top exam, you might want to think about battery power before you only have 10 minutes of faulty battery due to a power out. That sounds sort of cruel but she knew all the odds going into the exam and chose to play it risky and not have an extra or new battery incase of power failure. Guess what? Surprise! It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. The exam program continuously saves the work to the server and there are blue books to continue the exam just in case something like this happens.

Fun fun fun in a bucket!

Ugh, speaking of buckets, TheMan almost made it into work today. We got all the way to dropping me off when he decided to turn right around and go back home. Poor husband. I’m not feeling all that swell today either so I just may duck out early. I woke up with rumble gut, but that seems to have calmed down some. Now, I’m all dizzy and headachy and just cranky as all get out. I’m not even going to the LS party because I just don’t want to. Feh. I’d most likely start hitting people or something. I’m that cranky today. I just want to go home and nap. Ahhhh, sweet sleep.

We watched the rest of Battlestar Galactica last night. No spoilers today other than I got my “by your command” fix. Whooo! It just isn’t Galactica without that. It was the last line in the movie too, which was neatly cool. I will say that DAMN they have the angst-o-meter turned way up in this version. Remember when the old Apollo’s wife got blitzed? That was a very “What-NO WAY! Hey, they can’t-did you SEE that? The killed her! Bastard Cylons!” moment, but there weren’t a whole lot of them like that. At least that I remember.

Of course the old version had our heroes in all sorts of standard trouble but they tried not to pull the carpet out from under our feet and angst us to death. The new one just wont let that carpet sit. And it really pulled the room together too. Anyway, yeah. Angst. In spades. It’s like watching a Buffy episode but in space. Oh yeah, Baltar? LOVE HIM! He is so cracked. It’s great.

Oooo! One last bit (maybe a spoiler? Yeah, let’s call it one just for safety sake) that I found very technically cool. So during one of the dramatic action pact angsty parts of the movie the Galactica and its rag tag fleet (no, THAT wasn’t the spoiler, y’all knew that the Galactica was going to have a rag tag fleet) are trying to escape from the hoard of Cylons. Well, THAT wasn’t the spoiler either because y’all know that this sort of thing happened all the time too. ANYWAY, they had been hiding out where the Cylons couldn’t get them (oops, that was a spoiler, but not the one I wanted to talk about) but it wasn’t the best position for a protracted stay so they needed to boogie.

The problem was that they had to poke their heads out of the hidey hole in order to warp, jump, schnizzle or however they went faster than light. Did they go faster than light in the old series? I don’t remember. Maybe they never did because some of the fleet did not have faster than light engines so the old Galactica was trapped going sub light with the slow pokes. Lowest common denominator and all. Back to the story at hand, the new Galactica busts forth from the hidey hole, stringing the rag tag fleet behind it into the fringes of bad space and turns itself broad side to the Cylons. I thought it was THE coolest maneuver, using the bulk of the Battlestar to shield the rest of the fleet from any Cylon fire. The ships then could pop into hyper space or sub space or wherever it is that they go, behind the Galactica and not have to worry about being blown to bits. Of course, this meant that the Galactica got the piss beat out of it while the ships jumped one by one (by one by one) but I just liked the way that strategy played out. Maybe it’s just me.

Hey, tune in tomorrow for the official blog-a-versary. One year. Awwwww!

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