National Pocky Day and Other Random Facts


The other day TheMan noticed a large flatbed truck and crane unloading a bright orange/red thing and by the end of the day this fella had sprouted up. Apparently he’s a big deal modern art sculpture by Mark di Suvero on “indefinite loan” to the Art Museum. They still hadn’t brought back Daedelus, my favorite slabby art sculpture from wherever it went about a year ago but giant orangy-red happy sculpture guy? We got one. I can’t decide if I like “Orion” (for that is the actual name of the piece…however I’d like it even more if it was called Giant Orangy-red Happy Sculpture Guy) or not. I mean, it’s a four story hodge podge of I-beams painted orangy-red which…yeah. On the other hand, it looks like it’s standing there pumping its hands in the air all “I’M A SCULPTURE BA-BE!!!! WHOOOO!” and you gotta kinda like that no matter how much you don’t care for giant modern art.

Orion is certainly the most enthusiastic to be a sculpture piece of art I’ve ever seen.

As mentioned in the title, today is International Pocky day (because it’s 11/11 which looks like sticks of Pocky! At least that’s what I read). I had nothing to celebrate with at the JSFR which makes me sad. I did get four reviews knocked out this weekend and today so now I’m current with the review until Saturday. This stooped NaNoBloMe is KILLING ME! ARRRGH! So much posting! The Junkies should be pretty happy though with the double weekend posting all November and December. Speaking of which, I ordered my J-List snacks. Whooo! Lots of tasty weird things were found and ordered, I am very SQUEE about it.

I am not squee about linking in the past JSFRs though because I do not put any “previously at the booniverse”s at the bottom of the JSFR entries. Thus I have to go back further to nab all the bottom page previouslies. Meh! Lazy!

Also in the news, the Warcraft expansion comes out Thursday. TheMan and I finally preordered our copy figuring that we ought to do so before there was no more pre to preorder. I am not taking off any work time on account of the expansion and I’m not sure we are going to be playing it until Friday because of Smithee stuff. Am I upset? Eh…not really. The expansion is going to be there Friday as much as it is Thursday and probably maybe a little less crowded. Or something. I imagine Thursday is going to be chock full of “Server at capacity. You are number X in the queue to get in”. Krazy Warcraft addicts.

Speaking of which, the servers have been down all day and well into the night. Apparently they broke something and the in game mail system isn’t letting anyone get their stuff while the super hard awesome PVP gear merchants are handing epic stuff out to anyone who wants it. Whoops. I had planned on doing some dailies but alas. Instead we watched Project LORE go through the first instance of the new expansion. Project Lore is a team of Warcrafters who got permission from Blizzard to record their beta runs through the new zones and then stream them on the ‘net. It’s pretty fun to watch and passes the time while waiting for the servers to come back up. Grrr!

I want Split Levels dammit. I even have all the ingredients but it seems odd to make a 9 x 13 pan of cookies because I want one. Also I’m lazy. Put a Split Level in my mouth.

I think that’s all the randomness I have for today. Laters.

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2006: JSFR: Koeda Chocolate (milk)

2005: Afterwards, we went home and…WoW! Of course we did!

2004: No Random Pocky today.

2003: Yes, here at the Q house we are still imbibing beer by the pint, 2 liter, bucket, whatever we can find to pour the stuff into.

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