Happy booniversary!

Hey, it’s been a year. Cool.

I was going to go do some re-reading of my blog and that whole nostalgia thing but last night I was feeling very blargh and this morning I woke up with what may be the yuck that TheMan has. He is home again today and the poor fella is still locked in negotiations with his stomach on the merit of keeping food down. I, fortunately, have not had the pleasure of Mssr. Bucket and I intend to keep it that way. I hate, hate, HATE throwing up. I’ll cut off a limb before tossing lunch. Well, OK maybe not a whole limb but I’d give it some serious thought. I’d certainly give up my pinky toe though if it meant that I was never going to puke again.

Heck, I’d give up my pinky toe for any number of things. I’m not even sure why I have a pinky toe other than to annoy the crap out of me when I get to polishing my piggies or if I happen to be walking anywhere and it gets the urge to sight see. I wrote once about the year my body spent trying to rip either pinky toe off so I’m not much attached to the toe(s). Yeah, take them if it means I wont yark any more in my life, sure both of them. THAT is a really good trade.

Here it is my one year blog celebration and I’m talking about severing my pinky toes. And puke. All things go here at the booniverse I guess. Including pinky toes! Hee. Ok, OK, OK. OH! Lemmie find the thing my sis sent me…OK, here. My machine at work doesn’t have sound and this was incredibly funny as a silent interactive doohickey. With sound I almost wet my pants. Go ahead and take a peek at it, it’s my anniversary gift to y’all. Go on, really. Give it a good shake. See? OK, now let the animation play through a bit. It just gets funnier and funnier. I had it up at work while I was doing non computer things and it was totally cracking my shit up.

Of course y’all know how easily I am amused so…

We got DSL last week (I think) and it’s the BOMB! Except for the couple times now that I haven’t been able to connect. I don’t get what’s going on there but I was having a blast tooling about today (Oh yeah, I stayed home as well) and then without any explanation things weren’t loading. It was like I was back on dial up. What up that? Now I can’t connect to anything (again) and I may have to reboot. DSL is also being rather crap-o-riffic with the U accounts and wont let us use them as outgoing e-mail addresses either. Or maybe it’s the U. Whatever, I guess there are too many things the e-mail whatsits are going through now and the U will have none of it. Bastards.

Oh fucking-a. I just did the whole log out/log in thing and I still can’t connect to the net. I fucking hate computers. I can’t even access the damn pull down where the airport crap lives. ARRRRRRRRGH! For whatever reason the signal is kaput and the pull down menu is going haywire nuts. Computers can bite me. I know TheMan is going to go all cringy on me but this damn Apple is no better than my possessed PC at work sometimes (except it boots much faster). My spiffin bad assed powerbook, which is only two years old come this spring, just can not deal with Word for some reason (never has been able to) and I find that I routinely type faster than Word can keep up. If you have ever seen me type, you would know that this is a sad sad fact. Why does it do this? My powerbook isn’t that old a machine and yet…pause…pause…pause. I might as well go fire up my ancient PC and type on that for all the frustrations Word gives me on my laptop. It drives me nuts and yet the only solution seems to be to switch to a more compatible word processing system. I thought that everyone was supposed to make software all platform happy but I guess I’m wrong. When I take over the world things will change I tell you. If you can’t design something that is cross platform happy, and I mean runs just as well on one machine as another, then I’m just going to have to go Rokokyu on your collective company’s asses. Damn people, computers are supposed to make life easier, not cause someone to go postal.

All I’m asking for is a nice bug free day where the net works, I can get and receive e-mail through the same account and Word doesn’t go all loony on me. Is that too much to ask? I think not but no. I live in a world where it takes my computer 5 seconds to backspace. I hate technology when it isn’t at my beck and call. I might as well just go back to bed. AHRGGGGG!!

OK, well enough of that (unless this time warp typing keeps up, then I’m just calling it quits). I’m going to go see what’s up with the airport. Maybe I’ll even get to posting this today if I can find my connection. Sigh.

Oh and one last thing that I have been waiting to do all year:

Last Year at the booniverse: Bruises bigger than George Washington’s Head! Ouch.

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