The Warcraft Expansion is here and look! I’m riding a dragon. A FREEKIN DRAGON! Well OK, the dragon is really a questy taxi thing but you can indeed ride dragons from one point to another. You can also water walk on your ponies from one point to another if you have a shammy. And if you have a pally you can go fast while waterwalking on your ponies. So this we did, all around the entire new continent. May I present to you a WoW (the game) “Leyden and Adoree’s Excellent (and stupid) adventure” Picto-blog.

One of the things I did when I was bored and water riding was find a little village of walrus guys that had a dock. Eventually, at the end of the dock, a turtle boat pulled up and I thought, “TURTLE BOAT!!” because really, who wouldn’t? Then I thought, “I wonder where the turtle boat goes?” so I took it.

I did not die huzzah! But I did end up in a zone that was a tad too high for my comfort.

We found some pirates that had cool pirate boats. They hated us so we moved on.

But not before we took a picture of their pirate house. We also went on shore a bit but they were mighty hateful pirates so we left.

Further along we found some dragon bones on the shore…

As well as giant fossilized dragon bones under water. This is a close up of the little mini-map in the upper corner of the screen that tells you generally where you are. That’s one big dead dragon at the bottom of the ocean.

We hit the Fjord town and decided to take a look. They had a blimp ride around the bay so we took that and saw a lot of pirates. Other people on the blimp were bombing the pirates so we rode back in, got us some bombs and rode back out again. TheMan promptly fell off the blimp so I continued to bomb pirates while he water ponied back into town to catch the blimp ride out again. Bombing pirates is kinda fun.

I found turkeys in town so I zorched them with my pally zorch spell.

HEE! Most other animals just sort of fall over but the turkeys cook themselves! I am now on a mission to zorch as many turkeys as I can because it makes me laugh to see their cooked carcasses on the ground like that.

We ventured inland a bit until we discovered this fella. Level 80 elite? Ummm…let’s go back to the shark and orca infested waters. OkayDoke!

Around the top end is the zone for all the level 80s. An angry zone full of things that like to eat players that are not level 80. Gotta go! By the way as we were boogering around, on this the second day of the expansion being released, someone got their Troll Shammy to level 80. The achievement was broadcast server wide. And I thought my crazy leveling coworker was mad, he’s only up to 72!

We made it around alive and also managed to piss off a whole flock of penguins. I did not get a pic of the mad penguins but they were pretty funny with their bad level one selves all “HEY!” *peckpeck* “I’MA TALKIN TO YOU!!” Irate penguins are kinda funny.

Hi Walrus guys! (I rode that gondola thing too just to see where it went. It goes over and up and sort of reminds me of the skyway ride at Cedar Point. Except with less cotton candy and more wildlife intent on eating you).

2007: For some reason, my calculator clicking 5ki11z were really poor this time around as I kept coming up with -485326 as an answer to 101 divided by 4.428571.

2006: People, I am that visually challenged that I can not see the tag info writing stamped on the shirt if I’m looking for it from the other end of said shirt. Ergo, I can not tell anymore which side is what and consequently, I’ve put the new shirts on backwards at least twice already.

2005: The red Coke bottle cap, when applied to a cat, looks like a tiny fez. HEE!

2004: JSFR: Tabekko Dobutsu Biscuit

2003: Ich hasse diese bloede Fuenf!

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