The Friday Five (12/12)

Oh! The Weather outside is frightful!
and other wintery thoughts.

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?

Man, I LOVE snow as long as it’s me looking out at the beautiful piles of white wonder from a cozy fire lit room, or me passengering while large happy flakes are drifting hypnotically down, or me going out for a spot of snow fun and then later coming in for some hot cocoa. I really don’t like the cold if I have to be walking in it and I’m not in the mood for snow fun. I really don’t like tooling out in the cold when ther is no promise of hot cocoa at the end of my trip either. I especially dislike having to deal with snow when I don’t want to, like shoveling or driving all careful like.

I guess I’m a very fair weather snow friend. It is pretty though and I couldn’t imagine living in a state that didn’t get snow for the winter.

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?

I am assuming that this is in reference to Christmas holidays, at least for me (I’m one of them Christians y’see) or maybe New Years? Well let’s cover both.

Christmas morning would begin at some fam’s house because fam is good to have with you on Christmas day. Snow is good too and if there was about a foot of snow on the ground and maybe some snow flakes falling I wouldn’t be upset. I enjoy white Christmases a lot more I think, at least visually. Fire is also good. TheMan and I are going to spend the night over at Mumses and Mr. Paul’s and they usually have some sort of fire in the fireplace during the cold months. In the old house, the fireplace was right in the same room as the tree, which was all cozy warm. Mumses fireplace is in an adjacent room (but with the stockings) so there isn’t the immediacy of happy crackling as you open presents but it’s a fire. Fire good!

You gotta be comfy enough with your Christmas fam to go down to the tree in your jams with pillow hawk and all. It’s an unwritten rule of boo Christmas that people just sort of wander into the tree room just out of bed and sit down to presents. Food is good too, so if the first person up throws on a pot of coffee or maybe pours some juice things is golden. Hmmm, I wonder who it is that usually does that? Most likely Mr. Paul. He is the behind the scenes guy. Maybe this year TheMan and I will bring the cappuccino maker and WE will do the coffee honors. We have some really good beans too.

So after presents, then a cazh breakfast. Maybe some eggs, maybe some store brought coffee cake, maybe some home made coffee cake (but made the day before because it’s all about relaxing on Christmas day) but definitely a lot of fam camaraderie. Then, at some point in time, showers and lounging.

New Year’s eve doesn’t really have a set thing with me. I like to see the ball drop and I like my midnight kiss *squeee* but the boo house doesn’t have a traditional New Year’s thing.

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?

Oh yeah. Doesn’t everyone? Funny this question should come up today as exactly this time last year I talked about traditions. Go have a look see down below if you want, there is a list of them all spelled out. I did some more exploring of traditions throughout the whole “Days of Christmas” series (mostly) so it’s all there in December of last year.

Some things I would mention are that the youngest gets to start the present opening, which means this year TheMan gets to begin the whole shebang. Hee! Sis and her man are going away for the holidays so it will just be Mumses, Mr. Paul, me and TheMan (in age order). I’ll also mention the stockings, which always seem to be delved into last. Not that it’s a tradition to do so, but more because we always manage to forget about them until the last minute. I mentioned stockings because this year TheMan and I bought DSL for each other (which is going much better today than it was yesterday. TheMan is my Apple god!) as our big ticket Christmas item. However, we agreed that stockings were still fair game (because how sad would that be if you didn’t get anything for Christmas?) and boy do I have stockings for TheMan. I almost have to go with two stockings because, again, I bought too many small stuffers for one sock. I can’t help it, I love buying Christmas presents for people.

Meh, I guess TheMan will just have some tiny presents to unwrap this year as well. Sorry babe, I got you some tiny presents.

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?

Not as such, no. I used to regularly help out at a shelter down in Detroit but it was with a coworker’s church group and the coworker moved back to California. He was not so much the wintry cold weather person at all. I lost touch with the group after he left. I do some stuff here and there but nothing regularly. I should though.

OH! I am not sure if it qualifies as needy or not but we sponsored one of the hourlys for her big Run for the Cure marathon. She is training (and raising money) for the Leukemia Foundation and will be running a whole marathon this Sunday at 10a.m. It’s her first, so if you are reading this send her some well wishes and YEA for the Foundation for doing this sort of thing.

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?

The best thing about gifts is the surprise so the best gift ever would be something that I don’t know about. No really, I can’t think of anything that I really need or want but I know when I open the gifts I’ll be all “YEA!” because it would not have occurred to me to get whatever it was. Take last year, TheMan got me a set of nice toasty flannel sheets. Had I been saying “I really want flannel sheets this year for Christmas?” Not really but I love, love, LOVE them in all their coziness and warmness. You know, I think it’s about time to put flannels on the bed, come to think on it. ANYWAY, I hadn’t been expecting sheets and when I got them they were a very happy surprise. Oooo! Now I can’t wait for Christmas to see what I get and to watch people open my gifts to them.

Last Year at the booniverse: Traditions! What we do here at holiday time at the boo house.

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