That’s a Wrap

Hoda. Today is most likely going to be a short entry for a variety of reasons. First, I haven’t had my nap yet and second I’m not gonna be getting my nap yet and third I just did my nails so typing and gooey nail polish may be a bit too much for me to handle.

Lets see. Well, yesterday I took a jaunt out to some places just to test the sick waters and sure enough, two hours and four shops about put me on my butt. I am very glad that I did not go to work because I know I would have been arcing Poptarts. (That’s a reference to being so tired that you put the Poptart in the microwave, foil packet and all and hit start. I will say that it looks really neat for about 20 seconds and the adrenalin rush is good for at least another two hours of finals studying. It’s not so good on the microwave though.)

I got my loot home and set up for wrapping, because as tired as I was, I was having a wrapping thing. I thought “Hey, I can crank this out in an hour or two and be done with Christmas.” Yeah, wanna know when I finished them? Try I quit about an hour ago with three unwrapped presents plus those we still have to get for the Qs. I made an executive decision that TheMan is in charge of the rest of Christmas. I wrapped 47 presents, he can do the last 6 or so. Yeah, I like that plan! Oi! OK, never again am I going to do the cutesy small supplemental presents and a large gift thing for people because it is a PAIN IN HE ASS to wrap all them little shits. Yeah, blah blah spirit cakes but if I have to cut and size wrapping paper for one more package I’m going to start stabbing people with scissors. Why do I get these fantastically dumb ideas? Little cutesy presents MY ASS!

I did take a break from the wrapping yesterday when Rob called and asked if we wanted to come over. Not wrap presents? Hell yes we can come over! I learned how to make English toffee, which is the world’s simplest thing ever yet it looks so fancy. The best part is breaking it up. Heh. WHOMP! You gotta love recipes that call for throwing something on the floor as the best method of breaking it. And you are supposed to do this! Whooo! Sanctioned violence. For clarification, you throw the tin on the floor, not the toffee. Mmmm, furry toffee. It’s extra special.

We watched the first disc of The Two Towers extended version of doom, drank lots of beer and then sacked out over there (good thing too as our bed was littered with Christmas fixings). We got home, I got to wrapping and TheMan and Rob played some NWN. I guess Rob rocks the barbarian, or so they say. I’m just glad TheMan got his NWN playing fix in. We should have Rob over more often.

OH OH OH! We also went to the Farmer’s market and hooked up with the Ypsilanti Brewing Peoples. We ordered some 2.8 gallon carboys for some mead action and we got “the best mead book out there” all signed and everything by the author. Who happens to be a good friend of the fella we were talking to. Still, I have been wanting to get into mead and now we can. We picked up a 5 gallon carboy there (as well as borrowed one from Rob) so we are set. Northwest Corner Cellars is styling!

Well, there is an hour to go before the grand “Black Tie Optional” gig (number two) and I haven’t taken a shower yet today. I gotta run. Cheers y’all!

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