Thoughts from Exam Week

Well hey howdy. I’m writing from another lap top final exam room whilst doing my second stint as a back up proctor. Hopefully things wont be as exciting as the last shift but you never know. TheMan and I were talking about it on the way in and he came up with all sorts of ideas of what could top a power outage. We were wondering how many exams that I relief proctored for would have to go blewy before they would ask me to never do it again.

It’s not that bad. Look, I get to compose my wisdom nugget of the day and on work time too, PLUS I still get two breaks and a lunch. It’s like a free break. I’ll take that any day. Oh say, for those of you playing at home, notice 15 days In. A. Row. of booniverse goodness. When I say I’ll go to bat for y’all, I make good my promise! At least so far.

I also realized that this puts Christmas only 10 days away. 10 days! I can hardly wait (even though it is all over way too fast it seems). I have presents for Dirge, Shar and the brood all waiting to be delivered, I have my parents’ gifts all boxed and ready for transport, I have TheMan’s loot (stocking and stuffers run off. He gets presents this year cuz I have spatial difficulties when forced to figure out how much stuff can fit into our stockings. Especially when I run into all sorts of great stuffer bits. We need Tardis socks!) all boxed and ready for grabbing, I have DQ’s stuff poised for distribution, Rob and Joanna, the infamous duo of K&A and the sis and her man’s loot all lined up downstairs wrapped and awaiting instructions. It’s my own Christmas staging area. Lock and load, Move out, move out! I love it. I can’t wait to give them all to everybody.

I must also resist the urge to wrap the remaining three gifts left downstairs. I found myself giving the pile of unwrapped gifts the surreptitious eyeball yesterday and thinking “Hey, Aunt Betty’s thing is a relatively square gift, it ought to be an easy wrap. Five minutes tops. Hmmm Kurt’s present is sorta square too…and Joel’s gift looks square from this angle. 10 minutes for all three.” Ahhhhh! No! And no of no. Just…NO! Note to self: Remember what a pain in the hiney it was to wrap all the other gifts! Leave them be. No, hey…PUT THE PRESENT DOWN!

I think I might have a problem. “Hi, my name is boo and I can’t let unwrapped Christmas gifts lie.” “Hi boo!”

Other developments this week on the holiday front were the beginning of parTAY season. TheMan and I attended his work’s “Black Tie Optional” affair and it was…his work’s “Black Tie Optional” affair. I bought this WICKED dress that came with the world’s goofiest jacket which I so left right the hell in the closet. The cut sucked for my particular body imperfections and wearing the jacket might as well have been wearing a sparkley neon sign that pointed to my ass and hips and said in big bold letters DAMN Y’ALL, LOOKIE HERE. BABY GOT BACK!. No thanks, really. I substituted self image issues jacket with something a little more classy (and less sparkly too, sadly. I dug the sparkles) in a long sleeved burned out velvet drape below my hinder jacket blouse thing. It too was pretty cool in a sort of see through fuzzy soft kind of way.

I wore all my sparklies too. My diamond(let) wedding earrings, my three shineys necklace, my wedding band (duh!) and my engagement ring. TheMan took off the sizing jumper before we left so I got to wear it for the first time since the wedding. I even have it on now. I missed wearing it. Yea TheMan! I am told I looked the BOMB Saturday, but my source is somewhat biased. Heh!

It was a nice spread (fondue! They had fruits and chocolate fondue set up! Whoooo!) and we had much fun looking at the people. I was checking out the other “Black Tie Optional” outfits (some were great and gave me ideas, some were good, I found out what one does with those old bridesmaids dresses and others should have just been left on the hangar) while TheMan marveled at how well his coworkers cleaned up. He is used to seeing them in either lab coats or scrubs. We didn’t stay too long because after eating the amazing hours d’ouvres (how DO you spell that?) and watching the people there wasn’t a whole lot else left to do but more of the same. There are not a lot of people TheMan feels comfortable hob nobbing with.

Our second parTAY was a friend sponsored event and it went over much better. Baby D was at attendance and I am yet again amazed at her good naturedness. She had her sporadic melt down times but she recovered awfully quickly and was about 90% bouncy happy baby the whole time she was there. TheRCK says it might be that no one is really in baby D’s face at these gatherings so Baby D feels more at ease. I guess it’s gotta be tough having giant looming heads always coming up to you and wanting to talk and touch and carry you all about. We played a Cheap Ass game until about 10ish (Deadwood for those who care) and I lost ever so spectacularly. In fact, I think I almost won the game I lost by that much. Ouch. I had a good time playing though.

Well, say. It’s time for me to mosey on back to the office. Take care y’all, I have another proctoring stint tomorrow so we shall see what comes of it.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts from Exam Week”

  1. dirge Says:

    “back up proctor”

    Do you have any idea how dirty that sounds?

  2. boo Says:

    Just so long as I don’t start beeping when I reverse. Hee.

    Hey, I just tell it like I’m told and they call them “back up proctors”. I cringe too.