Stargate Discourse and Parking

Hello again from Exam Week. I’m not writing from a proctoring stint today, mostly because I’ve got an afternoon shift today. I just don’t think I can contain all my thoughts until then and I have some thought that are worth thinking. So, happy lunchtime news.

Yesterday was Stargate: SG-1 day (the SciFi channel runs Stargates from 7-11 on Mondays) and as luck would have it, they were running all episodes we haven’t seen. I figure pretty soon we are going to get into the territory where we start seeing more and more repeats (especially since we have been watching Monday Night Stargatefest for a while now AND we have several seasons on DVD) but not yet. This was bad, I was planning on napping. Still, there were two episodes that bear commenting on.

One was an interesting yet creepy one that dealt with the whole relativity of time thing. It started out with an SG team off world in a binary pair system. One of the stars collapses and FOOM black hole trouble. So the team looks towards the impending holage and says “Whoah, gotta go, gotta GO!” and hauls ass to the gate in hopes of popping home before they get cosmically eaten. The only trouble is, although the team has their boogie feet on over drive and it appears to them like they are hurtling towards the gate at breakneck speed, time has gone all wonky on their end and they are m….o….v….i….n….g……..r….e….a….l….l…y……..s….l….o….w….l….y. Back at the SG command center, the digital video feed (which is refreshing something like once a minute) shows their progress nanometer by nanometer. So, basically, from the Earth end, these people have already become mush with the universe while at the people’s end the gate is still about five steps away. Freaky.

Of course there is also some gravitational leakage and the Earth side gate and command center begin experiencing slowing time in greater and greater degrees. Of greater and greater degrees? Well, a whole wonk field of slow time, centered on the Earth gate, gets increasingly stronger and larger as the show progresses. So people keep popping into the command center (where most of the show’s POV takes place) with solutions to problems that the command center has only had a few seconds to ponder. It’s pretty cool.

COMMAND CENTER: “AHHHH! We can’t shut down the doohiger thingit! We are so dead in a minute. X Dude, go topside and see what they have to say!”
X DUDE: “Hey guys, I have your solution. It took us a few weeks, but all you have to do is press the blue button.”
COMMAND CENTER “Didn’t you just leave a couple of seconds ago?”

The next show was the obligatory SciFi/Fantasy “switching personalities” show. I think every show that can do something like this has, but it’s always neat to see how the actors handle it. You can really tell who can act and who is faking it when they have to be someone else. (BTW, that’s what made me decide that Ben Browder of Farscape fame is a boss actor. If you can see the episode where they all switch bodies do, it’s great.) My consensus for the SG-1 Cast is: Michael Shanks (Daniel); great actor. I believed he was someone else when he was supposed to be someone else and he nailed the Jack personality spot on. Christopher Judge (Teal’c); great actor. He too nailed the Jack personality and did it well. Richard Dean Anderson…well, we love Richard Dean Anderson.

Yeah, I gotta say that RDA makes a GREAT MacGyver and a Good SG-1 leader (but not Jack as set up in the movie, but I’ve been here before. Ahhhh, Kurt Russell) but really, there is not a whole lot of difference between the MacGyver character and the Jack character as played by RDA. He got to play Teal’c in Jack’s body but he lacked the facial nuances the CJ puts into the role. Teal’c isn’t totally deadpan the entire time but RDA made him more automaton that the Teal’c role usually is. CJ, on the other hand, had the facial twitches, inflection, hand gestures typically found in the Jack character and he did them well. MS also did a fine job, but I got to thinking that the Jack character is so flamboyant in comparison to the Teal’c and Daniel character that it might be easier to be “Jack” just because he is a more expressive character.

So in essence, I’m pretty sure RDA is really just RDA playing a role (but really well in this case, it fits his acting shtick) while CJ and MS are better actors and could probably play more diverse roles I’m not sure playing the Jack character well truly exemplifies it. IN any case, I think I have just bored half my readers.

BAH! What else was I going to talk about? Pfffft. There I go, forgetting everything. Lemmie see, we went home, we watched Stargate, we went to bed. Did anything noteworthy happen? Ummmm. Well, there’s snow here which arrived sometime this weekend and I think I forgot to mention that. It’s currently raining so I suppose the snow is gone by now. Pity, it was great packing snow.

Well, I was going to say how I parked the bug like…errr…well sorta butt. I didn’t start it because I wasn’t the SUV monster truck that couldn’t quite fit into one space and didn’t quite give a shit about that problem either, but I didn’t help the situation any by zipping into the quasi space left. It’s one of those pie wedge spaces around a bend in the lot and the bug fit all snug in it despite the ass SUV driver. Unfortunately, even though the bug is technically entirely in the designated space, I had to park less head in and more along the same line as Stupifido Escalated Big Vehicle. This made for an interesting angle between the car on the other side of the wedge (who is parked really damned close to MY line as well) and the bug. It’s legal but it looks strange. I also couldn’t pull up to the curb due to there being about 3 feet of room between the nose of “Idiot Parking Beast” and the nose of “I’ll just take a little of this other slot” car but the bug is short enough to sit a foot or two back and still be legally in the spot.

Don’t worry babe, it’s not as bad as it may sound. I don’t think. Maybe I ought to go out and see if I can re-park the bug. Ummm…right. Well I gotta go.

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