Don’t Touch the Head While I am Gone

D’oah! I forgot all about our departmental holiday lunch thang so I can’t whip up an entry then. I’m going to have to crank one of these out in 20 minutes of break time. Oh, wait a minute, it seems as if I have to be going and doing something right now. Excuse me.

OK, back. Why is it that whenever I seem to set myself down for break someone has something I have to be doing? I had to add printers to a couple of computers that half of them already had the printer added to. No big, at least not for the Windows 98 ones. Not sure on the Win 2000 but hey, no one has shown me that yet so I can’t really do it until I know how right? Oh yeah, and a note for future reference: It’s probably best to run a test print, pick it up, then run another test print and then pick it up. It saves confusion when you send 3 test prints and get only 2 out and have to play “which computer did NOT print?”.

On the plus side, I ran into a really amusing error: W2 no such person. That’s just strikes me as funny coming from a printer. Does it know something I don’t?

TheMan made cheese biscuits last night and they were great! I had a nap. It was a great nap. Somehow, I got the way better end of the bargain in that scenario. We didn’t do much of an “us” night (see! I came up with something other than “date night” which I sorta despise) yesterday and it may be mostly my fault. It was one of those nights where I doodled on the computer waiting for TheMan to finish up doing his thing, which he finished while I was doodling and went on to something else waiting for me, so when I finished up he was something elsing so I started another thing waiting for him, wash rinse repeat. It is a vicious circle.

Mmmm, cheese hat. I am eating leftover biscuits. One of them exploded in the baggie (they were moist yet crumbly. The best of both biscuit worlds) but it’s still taaasty. I have leftover cappuccino too, life is good. Just a small real time interlude for y’all.

We have tickets to see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King tonight with a crowd of peoples. We also get to meet at the Starbucks so it looks like I’ll get me some cinnamon spice mocha too. Wheeee! It’s a coffee day. I’m looking forward to seeing the last of the three movies, especially the whole spider scene. I remember that the most vividly from the books because it actually takes place in the Two Towers about three quarters through but it’s the last we hear of Frodo and Sam until the next book. Talk about your cliff hangers, oi! I was all “Hey, you can’t-HEY! What happens?!???” Tolkein left them with the spider trying to squish Sam and an unconscious Frodo by sitting on them and although Sam does have sting and is holding it straight up in the air, the spider is HUGE! Will he pierce the hide or get flattened?

You have to wait for the next book to find out. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! At least the movie did not end with that scene. Oh! We also get to see Eowyn (had to look up the spelling) hack up one of the riders (the King of them?) which should be cool.

Oh, incase you were wondering, the bug fared well after yesterday’s parking fun. The car parked in my spot got a ticket (for not having a lot tag, not for parking like ass. I went out at lunch and discovered that the car too was parked in my space) and was still there when I pulled out. The ass SUV was gone but managed not to hit the bug on the way out. I can’t imagine how seeings as they can’t park worth a damn. They have the same spot today, but I parked somewhere else. News as it happens! (or rather a day late, but still, news!)

Alright, I’m out of break time. See yas tomorrow.

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