The Naming of the Cat

Mrrrr?… Mrrrr!… Meow!… Meee!… … Meee!… Meowmeowmeow…. MEOW!… Mrrrr…. Mrt…Mrrrrr.


I have lived with two cats for the past seven years and despite their oddities they are two pretty cool cats – mostly. Anyway, I thought I’d take the time to introduce them to you since I refer to them now and then and occasionally TheMan writes about them in his blog too. The first cat, Isaak, is a Siamese (without papers, I think the cattery was a bit shady) and was born on June 13th, 1995. I got him in mid to late July when he was a wee seven weeks old and he was the bestest cat ever. When he shut up that is. Which he never does, really, but still he’s a good cat.

I had moved out on my own, had sloughed off my allergic to everything boyfriend and decided that I wanted to have a cat. I have always been a cat person (true fact: I can get just about any cat to come up to me for a scritch or two, it’s a knack I have) and growing up we had a Himalayan cat which was pretty cool, except for the fur. That sort of leaves you with a Siamese so when the time was right, I went looking for kittens.

Never go looking for kittens (puppies, birdlets) when you know that you are going to be getting one unless you are prepared to come back with a new addition to your household. So on that mid July day I set out with a box, a towel and a checkbook to suburbia Detroit and came home with a small handful of yowling cat. Let me define yowling for a moment. Most everyone is familiar with the soft “mew” of tiny kittens which is cute and cuddly and all kitteny like. That’s not yowling, that’s “mewing”. Now take that cute “mew” and dial up the annoyance factor to about an eight (be sure you make it more strident so that any traces of cute are completely obliterated). Repeat as often as there are seconds in a day and that becomes a pretty close approximation of yowling as was done by my seven week old Siamese kitten.

Still, it was all a new and traumatic experience so I decided to sit down on the floor, listen to some tunes and let him explore while I thought up a cool name for him. I had wanted to name him Tiennamen or something like that (or maybe SHUT UP in Chinese�) where people would nod their heads and say “Good name for a Siamese” so I sat and watched, waiting for the right name to come about.

Sure enough, when the CD changed over he got out his extra dimensional pair of lungs and kicked up the howling to a new and amazing level. (True fact: Siamese cats have extra lungs they keep in a dimensional pocket for those times when they are truly distressed just so their meowing can go to 11.) He kept this up for the entire disc, wandering around the apartment peeling the paint off of the walls with his screeching. Then as the last strains of the last tune faded away and the next CD came on he settled down and took a snooze.

So there you have it. My cool name for my Siamese cat comes from the artist that had him so distressed as a kitten: Chris Isaak.

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