The Friday Five (12/19)

I can not believe this week’s questions. List this, list that, blah blah SNOOZE cakes. What’s with this? Where’s the fun questions? Come ON people, it’s the festive holiday season and all you can come up with is “List your five favorite inconsequential things, and then do it again, and then again for those readers who have a strong sense of will and are still awake and reading?” How about something a little deeper? Or maybe you actually DO care about what kind of eggs I like. Man, this is so an eggs entry.

I feel for you, so I spiced it up a bit. I’m also still playing around with html tags so you may see more than “holiday spirit”, at least until I get bored with the colors. uh-oh, I just realized that I put the words ‘bored’ and ‘colors’ in the same sentence. Y’all are doomed.

1. List your five favorite beverages.

Right. Whooo! What fun. All FIVE of my favorite drinks, in a row, for you to read! Are you quivering with excitement? I sure am. Boy howdy they have some GREAT Friday Fives this week. Nermf. OK, well at least it’s gonna be a short no think day.

Hot water. Yes, I am a freak, I like hot water.
Vernors. Mmm, gingery and the only thing I can usually drink on an upset tum.
Seasonal Beverages. Right now, it’s egg nogg. In the fall, hot cider, in the dead of winter (after egg nogg season) it’s hot cocoa and I’m all about the lemon aid in the summer.
Rum. I like lots of alcoholic drinks but I gotta give a couple of cheers for the versatility of rum. Huzza! Huzza! You can mix rum in just about anything and it tastes good. You can even have it straight if you want. Behold! The power of rum.
Lapsang Souchong/Earl Grey. I like tea in general and was a staunch tea drinker until my boss got me hooked on coffee (Mmmm, coffee) but sometimes you just need a hot cup of tea. These two are my faves, maybe the Lapsang being slightly more favorite among equals. I have a soft spot in my heart for Lapsang because it was the tea that weaned me from honey. Plus, it is just a great smoky strong black tea. Chewy! Then again, it doesn’t have the bergamot factor. There is a lot to be said for the bergamot factor.

2. List your five favorite websites.

I can see now why you make htlm stuff all happy and indented and all that. I am losing my questions in all these tags. Right, sites.

TheMan’s site. Duh!
Bitchypoo’s site.
Tomato Nation page.
Ummmmm…Oh Yeah!
BoxJam’s Doodle. Heh, Doodles about Stuff, what’s not to love? The manger one from last year is my fave I think.
WorldReference dot com. Hey, don’t tell me you have never sat there thinking to yourself “What is the damned German word for ‘sponge’ again?” You so have too, you just wont admit it. EVERYONE wants to know the German word for sponge and here you go. It’s really a handy little tool for when you run into words you don’t know or words you have forgotten.
Is that five?

3. List your five favorite snack foods.

Dude. Pringles. Nuff said. Gotta be the plain or low fat ones because the flavored Pringles are kinda nasty and the no fat ones are really nasty. Or was it the no salt ones? I forget. Red can, can’t go wrong. Oh wait, they changed the color scheme. Silver can, can’t go wrong. I think.
Caramel corn with nutses and stuff I like pop corn, I love caramel corn, add nuts and I’ll follow you anywhere. Unfortunately popcorn and I don’t get along, digestively speaking, so I don’t eat it all that often at all. It’s still good though. Mmmm!
M&M bastards. Love them but they are insidiously snackable. I can eat an entire 3/4 pound bag in one afternoon if I’m reading or computer gaming and not realizing that I have been crunching on these puppies the entire time. Dip, crunchy crunch. Dip, crunchy crunch. For hours (or until I get a righteous sugar burn in my mouth). I think they make them with a dusting of crack.
Salt & Vinegar Chips. Lays in particular makes a mean specimen of chip that will burn a hole through your tongue after 11 chips. Mmmmm! If your tongue aint bleeding then your chip aint worth its salt. Hee, I slay me.
Cheese poofs. Them round cheese ball critters? Taaaaasty! I’m not so fond of the orange hands syndrome but the poofs are good enough to ignore the chromatic fingertips oddity.

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.

Bah! I can NOT figure out where anything starts and ends with all these holiday cheeriness tags cluttering up my page. BAH! OK, card/board games.

Flux. Big fan of this game because the rules keep changing. You could win at any time, or not and it’s fun to mess with people’s hands by playing new rules.
Euchre. Man, we played euchre until our fingers bled in High School. Ever see “The Gods Must Be Crazy” with the two revolutionary guerilla dudes always playing cards? That was us. I am kinda boggled, though, by the fact that TheMan did not know how to play when we first met. Even moreso that all his good friends know the game by first name (we call it Bob). That’s like a southerner not ever having tasted grits or collard greens. That’s just not natural. I did remedy the situation though right quick. His shame is our secret. Oh wait…
Deadwood. This is our newest CheapAss game so we haven’t played it a lot. It might be the shiny newness of the game that makes me like it, or I could actually generally like it. Tough to say, having only really played it two or three times total. It’s a good game though and funny!
Stratego. Always liked that game. I don’t have it now but it was fun to play and it had swamps. It was also featured in the X-Files (back when the show was good), so it’s famous. Of course it doesn’t have a cool tag line like “You sank my battleship!” but it has spies and bombs. And swamps!
Twixt. It was a game my dad had in a series of these games packaged like books. Jumpin was the other one (it played similar to Chinese checkers). Twixt was a game where you had to build a bridge from one side of the board to the other and prevent your opponent from doing the same. Hmmm, now that I type it out it seems really sort of simple. Maybe I just liked the pieces. It was like simple legos in a way. Or maybe not.

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.

Bejeweled. NeoPets now has their version of bejeweled and it’s my favorite game. There is something about moving and shifting things that fascinates me.
Diablo II. I like me some Diablo II playing action. It’s pretty simple (unless you happen to be us last night trying to go up against Diablo with a druid and a necro, in which case you get your ass handed to you. In pieces) but it’s a lot of fun for a hack and slash and get stuff game. I enjoy playing a paladin character, although the druid is cool too. Plus, the little devil things are pretty funny when they die. “RAKANISHU!”
Spaceward Ho!/MooII They are almost the same game so I’ll put them in the same line. Spaceward Ho! is the kindergarten version of MooII but it has a charm of its own that makes it worth mentioning. The game has some great sound bytes. “Geddyap!” when you set a ship to a planet, and “Woahhhhhh” if you cancel the run. It’s just a really good mind candy colonize the universe game. If you are in a more serious mood, MooII is the answer. It too is a colonize the universe games but there are a bazillion more factors you have control of. It takes some thought and strategy but it’s fun as well.
Moria for the Amiga or something similar. I have seen the Mac version and it just blows. I hate fighting blue question marks or black lower case Ts. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?? The Amiga had graphics. You weren’t an asterisk, you were a little guy icon. You fought dragons and blue yeeks, not Ds and Ys. TheMan plays Angband, which is the revived version of this, I think, and he is ALL about finding and defeating capital S’s. I just can’t get into defeating the alphabet I guess.
Lemmings however, I can totally dig. I need to find me a copy of this game. It’s really old and I don’t think it is made any more, however there might be a shareware program out for it now. Anyhow, the best part of lemmings was blowing them up. Mass destruction of all the lemmings cracked me up every time. Not that I would set them all to self destruct…

Last Year at the booniverse: Awaaaaay in a manger! Da Hummels. I’ll get a pic of them this year for comparison, they are moved around a bit. Balthasar (the black dude?) is IN the manger this season. Whoooo! It took some futzing but he’s got a front row center to the baby J.

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