Snow Whut Sticks

So yeah…snow this weekend. I’m not sure why I am surprised by that because it is the middle of November and it has been getting chilly as of late but…snow. I guess I’m just not ready yet for winter. I tell you what though; a little itty bitty (cold) sticky snow is not going to make me go running for my boots. Nosiree Bob. I’m going to tough it out until the first of December rocking my Birks (and fat socks. I will concede to fat socks). So there sticky snow.

There was no snow Friday but there was the Warcraft expansion. Nuff said there save I also got a nap in. I wrokz0r the lazy yo.

Saturday the Warcrafters were all on and we did our first expansion dungeon. It was expansioneriffic. We did not get mad fat lootz though and one of us fell off the edge of the world. Oh, and the penguins. See, the reason the penguins were so pissed off is that we killed a bunch of turkeys. It seems that the turkey killing “achievement” causes all the wild life everywhere to get their hate on. There is an exceedingly large population of wild life in the new expansion and that’s a lot of hate to unsuspectingly ride into. I imagine the game designers were going for the American untamed west feel where the buffalo stretched from horizon to horizon except sub in rhinos for the buffalo. Angry, turkey loving rhinos. Angry turkey loving rhinos that I had to jump off a cliff into shark infested waters to escape.

Sharks don’t care about turkeys and just hate everyone for the sheer fun of hating so at least I was on familiar footing there. Plus, shark infested waters is a lot easier to survive than a landscape of rhino hate.

In the afternoon we motored on over to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place to help with couch moving. Apparently, it was double couch moving day and we made one trip to the reuse center to get rid of one couch and freecycled another couch over to a fella a few roads down. Afterwards we meandered on over to the new Olga’s and had dinner. It’s been long enough since I’ve had Olga’s that I think I was still eating beef back then. A chicken Olga sandwich just isn’t as good. Sadness. The orange cream cooler thing was pretty tasty though…was Olga’s the place you used to get Orange Juliuses? Huh, I just Googled Orange Julius and Godzilla says it’s a restaurant unto itself. No wonder the orange cream smoothies didn’t taste quite how I was expecting them. Huh.

Sunday TheMan had his usual business meeting and I headed on out to Sam’s Club for some bulk shopping. I was pretty good too and stuck to the list, although the list did contain such items as “Good Meats Deals”. You never know and my freezer was awfully barren of fryer chickens. And pork loins. Possibly bratwurst too but I waffled too long on that one and got bored so I left. I did not succumb to the siren call of the ginormous tub of cookie dough nor the tasty seasonal frozen treats despite their “seasonal” tag. I will just have to live it out if they are gone the next time I’m there and my will is not as strong (or the Shiny! is not as distracting). Still, I had about 20 items when I finally was ready to motor my cart over to the checkout lane.

Aaaaaand that’s when the machine what keeps track of things let me know that Mr. Paul hadn’t renewed his membership before they flew off to Australia. Probably because “Get vaccinations in order” was a higher priority than “Renew membership” which…duh! Unfortunately, that meant that I could not get all my tasty Sam’s things unless I “wanted to get my own membership!” Ummmm…no. Thanks though for the suggestion because I totally want to pay more and have less convenience with my own non business membership. Ooo, sign me up for that perk!

Thus I up and left all my items and walked out with exactly what I had walked in with, save an hour of wasted time. Le sigh. I’ll have to go back this weekend or *gulp* Thanksgiving weekend and shop all over again. Meh. Stupid Sam’s and their stooped policy.

I should have totally just paid for the membership and not said anything. Double meh for just thinking of that.

The rest of Sunday was devoted to badmovie’s game, Warcraft and Smithee prep. We’re going to be a-Smitheeing at UCon again this year, which is coming up this Saturday. WHOO!

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  1. Bailey Says:

    Ooh. It’s full-on winter over here. It’s weird to think about isn’t it?

  2. boo Says:

    Weird to live it too. 15 degrees this morning. 15!!!! I had to go find my gloves because 15 degrees!

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