A Day in the Life

A pictorial blog entry today!

The alarm goes off, I get up to pee and decide to noodle around with some NeoPetting. Everyone else is still asleep.

Vande on her favorite chair

Meow, our new houseguest, makes herself at home on a pillow

But now that I’m downstairs, there really is no point to resting, it’s time to EXPLORE!

She sits still long enough for this shot and I miss the best yawning kitty shot EVER because the flash isn’t charged. foo.

The “I” and his evil glowy eyes. TheMan is still asleep under the covers somewhere.

I get a bug up my butt, after doing all the regular NeoPet spots, and start to attack the horde. I’m thinking of baking cookies today and the kitchen is…well, in need of attention. My first project:

I organized the cooking utensils drawer. Go me!

I guess I’m making too much noise; the little kitty gets up and goes…IN THE BOX!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen: boo readers, the horde.
The horde, boo readers.

Auxiliary horde. They have started colonizing. The red package on the stove is a stocking stuffer snack pack of Bugels that I am eating for breakfast. The white thing on the lower right half of the stove is the old drawer (dis)organizer that TheMan will have to go through. There are some weird things in there and I have no clue. None.

Bubbles! My Bubbles!
(notice the scrubbie in the lower right corner, that is a Grandma Minnie hand made original)

TheMan gets up to pee…no wait, TheMan is taking a shower. Now I have no more hot water. Damnit. I put a kettle on.

Boiling water dishes. Hot water! Owowow. I’ve lost my scrubbie somewhere in the frothing boiling mess. Hmmm. TheMan expresses a desire to do some Diablo II playing. Cool!

Hot Water! Dishes are still too hot so I go and take a shower.

I flank the horde and win back the stove. Hooo!

I have won back the kitchen island with help from TheMan. All the wine glasses are done and hung up.

Break time! That’s a bagel, not a Horta.

The cats could care less.

Break’s over and it’s time to go to war! Bah, a lot of what is left is big clunky stuff. It never feels like you get anything done when there is big clunky stuff. It takes too much room to dry.

I take a peek in on my next project: The laundry. *cry*

The cats? Don’t much care still. Besides, it’s bathtime I guess.

The scrubbie and I both decide that we hate the salad shooter. So many parts, so many angles. BAH! On the plus side, the Horde seems to be losing ground!

I decide to practice laundry napping. Put a load in, snooze until it’s done, put another load in. It’s like housework and being lazy all at the same time.

The Little Kitty helps with the laundry. For the record, I had just put the basket down, turned around to hand some towels to TheMan and BAM! Little Kitty in the basket.

Heh, nappy nappy nappy. Didn’t sleep though and the “I” was being a BUTT. Two loads in, the pile o’ laundry does not even look phased. TheMan, however, conquished the Horde. Whoooo! I love my man.

A long, long time ago on a shopping list far, far away…

Time to head out SHOPPING! BTW, TheMan wants y’all to know that the screen is there to keep bugs out.

I’m baaaack! I pretty much stayed to the list and even remembered two things that should have gone on the list. I also got a shovel, crock pot turkey stew fixings and some Christmas socks.

Lookie look! My new pillow! Whoooo! Size DOES matter!

Dinner prep, X-mas wrapping and laundry, because there’s always laundry. Three loads and counting, it still doesn’t look like I have dented the laundry. I have made it into nice neat piles though and it appears as if I am doing seasonal laundry. There’s a red load and a green load this cycle. Awwww.

TheMan wraps.

CHICKEN! It’s what’s for dinner. The cheesey rolls are still cooking…it’s all about the timing you see.

and at last, some Diablo II.

Stay a while and listen.

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2 Responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. jquirk@nmu.edu Says:

    Size dosn’t matter, quality counts. Look to the future and things will find their place.

  2. boo Says:

    Oooo! But my pillow is QUALITY too!

    It needs a bit of flattening to make it the most perfect pillow ever (I found it a tad tall when I lay down on it) but I got a great night’s sleep last night. TheMan thinks it should be a little less fluffy so he can commandeer it more easily when I take first shower. He found it a bit bulky.