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The problem with writing every day is…well OK the two problems with writing every day is one: I’m lazy. Two: I don’t really do all that much exciting stuff every day to write about. Hence the double JSFRs (which I am once again behind on ARGH!) and the recipe posting.

I have been doing a little back linking on all those days I didn’t put the “previouslies” at the bottom of the entries. I thought “Eh, that’s not so bad. I stopped that in what…July? Piece of cake.” When I went to check things out, having linked in August and being really excited that July was just around the bend (because I really dislike doing the ‘previouslies’), I discovered that I stopped linking way back in FEBRUARY! WAHHHH!!!!! However, I will eventually get them all fixed even if it drives me nuts.

Also, in the nuts department, the categories had some issues when we upgraded the blog back in…February again I believe. They are still here, but I can’t edit them and their names have been erased (to protect the innocent?). So I know that category [ ] has 299 posts, while category [ ] has 79 posts and category [ ] has 158 posts. What category are they? Why, I DON’T KNOW! So I’m redoing the categories bit by bit and relinking all bazillionty posts. This is why some categories have appeared but only have one or two things in them.

I actually have no links today so I’m going to call the above talk about linking things good enough for the ‘links’ part of the title and category. I do have a meme that I stole from StalkerPatti that I can do: Five stupid things that I do in the kitchen.

ONE: Whenever I have some extraneous meal prep thing in the oven like a pizza stone or a water bath that is bitchin hot and doesn’t necessarily have to come out of the oven right away, I always leave it in to “cool down and take out later”. Then I forget it’s there and go about my merry way TRA-LA-LA until the next time I have to use the oven. Wherein I open the door to the already preheated space to find hey! Hot stone/bath! You would think I’d learn but apparently it’s a really slow curve.

TWO: Is it stupid to have not yet figured out how to chop off carrot ends without having them launch all mach two across the kitchen?

THREE: I’m probably not as careful as I should be when I’m poking around in the oven. Use a fork jammed between two rack rungs to pull the whole thing out? Done that. Been too lazy to get another hot pad and just stuffed as much of the one onto the dish as possible in hopes of getting a big enough gripping space to lift the dish out? Done that too. Forgot to look at the rack placement until the oven is up to temp? And then used a slightly wet hot pad to adjust it? Oh yeah. Been too lazy to get a thicker hot pad out and just worked really, really fast with the thin one? Check. Turned things over without properly pulling the oven rack out? All the time. Oddly, the worst oven burn I’ve ever gotten was from working at a pizza joint, not from my less than OSHA acceptable home oven practices.

FOUR: Sometimes I’m too lazy to set both the minute and seconds on the microwave so I just punch the minute button a couple of times until I’m certain that there is more than enough time to warm up whatever it is. I tell myself that I’ll keep an eye on things and hit stop before there’s a nuclear food meltdown but sometimes the microwave wins. I create butter plasma quite a lot with this method.

FIVE: I certainly don’t think this is a kitchen stupid but my old Home Ec teacher would be appalled at how I go about cooking. I don’t like to dirty a lot of dishes so I use one measuring cup (one cup denomination) and one measuring spoon (teaspoon) and estimate all the measurements in between. I also refuse to use separate bowls for dry and wet ingredients when the dry ingredients will float perfectly fine on top of the (already mixed) wet ingredients. Plus, you can mix up the dry ingredients pretty decently while they are hanging out on top of the wet ingredients and everything turns out fine. AND I don’t have to do as many dishes. They don’t teach you that sort of economy in Home Ec!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I do #1 also. A lot.

    Looking forward to stalking you on Saturday! I’ve been saving my Weight Watchers points for Pizza House!

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