Butter, Sugar and Burnt Chocolate

For those of you playing at home, a crock pot isn’t the best thing to melt chocolate in. Just saying.

I made toffee last night. It’s the simplest thing ever: Melt some chocolate chips, say a package, grind up some nuts and throw them on a round pan (pizza tray works nicely), toss equal portions butter and sugar (one cup each for this batch) into a pan, throw the pan on a medium hot stove, stir, stir, stir, DON’T WALK AWAY IT WILL BURN, stir, stir until it starts to get all funky and foamy and makes this goosh noise when you stir it, which you are still doing. Keep stirring. Eventually, it will get sorta…errrmmm…doughy? Well, it will hang together more than it will hang to the sides of the pot. For you candy makers out there, it’s “soft ball”-ing I believe. Stir it some more. Sometime well after you are sick of stirring, the mass will go from a creamy color to a light caramel color. It is done! Pour mass onto nut prepared tray. Let it cool. Top with melted chocolate and some more nuts. Hee, it’s sort of like a very rich nut sandwich. That’s Joanna’s mum’s world famous recipe. Taaaasty.

Unfortunately, in the great toffee experiment, I let the chocolate burn. The crock pot worked, after a fashion, but I wasn’t diligent in my chocolate melting watch and it got a little toasty. I’m not convinced crock pots are the best chocolate melters either, it got hot enough to scorch the chocolate yet there were still little pieces of solid chip bits floating around (despite my being fairly attentive and stirring every now and then until all the chips melted, sort of. The burning of morsels, one, two, three didn’t take place until I was busy making the toffee and forgetting to stir the chocolate). This meant that I got enough chocolate to top one batch of toffee but had to ditch the rest. No second batch, no bastard cookies. Le sigh.

Tonight, I might make the bastard cookies and another batch of toffee (because it is so easy!) and some snickerdoodles to bring in to work(s) and the neighbors. I packaged up half the toffee for my g’ma and it’s all pretty like (and better yet, I have half a thing of toffee to add to the work bits pile). Oooo. I’m hoping to get at least the bastard cookies done so that I can send my g’ma out some good treats. Yeah, the package isn’t going out until tomorrow. It will be late, I’m a bad grandkid. Deal. I’ll call her up on Christmas and tell her the whole deal.

Tonight’s plan for “us” night is to catch some local eats and then go zooming around looking at Christmas lights. If we get home in time, I’ll be a treat making fool. If not, it’s toffee and bastard cookies and then I’m done (I can do both fairly easily). I’m looking forward to looking at the lights, we have been peeking at them on the way to wherever we go and they have been nice. I expect if we are driving to just see the lights they will be even prettier. Or gaudier. Some people just don’t know from decorations. Yikes!

Meh, short one today. I’m working tomorrow but going over to visit TheMan at lunch for a long lunch date. I get two hours by virtue of my having to stay until six to shut down the computers and whatnot. Fun fun! One of these days I might take the last day off and then we can head up north early…except that everyone usually comes down for Christmas day and then goes up north later on. Hmmmm. Well, whatever. Huh. Next year the 24th falls on a Friday, which may or may not get tagged as a season day/holiday so I might actually get to be off on the 24th. Hoo! Tune in next year and find out I suppose.

OK, gotta go get me coffee.

Last Year at the booniverse: The cat’s go bazoo. Hey, in keeping with tradition, this year the weirdoes are all bazoo as well. The Meow broke primary containment and the Little Kitty was beside herself with cat angst. The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.

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  1. Not Scotty Says:

    “We’ve got a primary kitty containment breach! Decks 4 through seven are venting hairballs and sickbay is reporting massive krunchy shortages…”