I was all asquee because we got these two mysterious boxes in and when we opened them up there were The! Coolest! Swag! ever inside: Mouse pads wherein bits of it moved. On purpose! And they were fish to boot. Sadly, my boss decided that the two awesome mouse pads needed to go out at the desk so this boo did not get a shiny! mouse pad of infinite fishiness. However! The company was swagging a couple other librarians at work and one put her pad out for the general public to snatch up. My middle name is now officially General Public because I GOTTA MOUSE PAD!

TheMan, who agrees that my floating fish koi pond mouse pad is indeed cool, was worried that the fishies might give an optical mouse fits. Tis not so, I tested it out by driving my pally hither and thither with just the normal boo-driving ill effects. No fishies contributed to my accidentally driving my pally off a cliff. Fortunately, the pally can bubble so no pallys were hurt by my driving either. Win-win!

The pad in action:

2007: Hey! I’ve discovered day for night digital photography!

2006: Poor gnommie fell through the game for a good 20 seconds before fetching up against nothing and dying.

2005: You Updating…YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!

2004: Are the turkey sales happening yet? Anybody?

2003: The rule at the boo house was you had to try some of everything and that included the nasty oyster stuffing and rutabaga. Man, the two worst things in the world in one meal.

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