Dear Friday:

Dear Zantak:

I want to say that I really appreciate the job you are doing on my acid reflux. I absolutely notice the days when I forget to take you in the morning. I do, however, have a small gripe. I know that you have to stand out in today’s uncertain age and make sure you are recognizable enough that people buy your product repeatedly but an uncoated triangular pill? Perhaps the reason that I notice when I don’t take you is because I don’t wander around for 5 minutes with a stuck lumpy pill in my throat. Think about maybe rounding the corners a bit and adding a nice smooth outer coating and you will be my BFF forever.

Dear Ass-hat Drivers:

Mssr. Gonkweasel had an interesting hypothesis about why all y’all are driving like ass. The older you get, the more people there are on the road with less driving experience than you have. Thus, more and more people are out there making stupid mistakes that you wouldn’t do because of your increasing driving experience. Personally I think all y’all need to get off your damned cell phones and PAY ATTENTION but that’s just me.

Dear Sweetie Sweets:

Fuck off, Fuckers. My pants are unreasonably tight.

Dear Smithee Awards:

SQUEE! The Smithee 18 season begins with UCon this weekend! I need to draw up a monster for the buttons. And go through the ballot packs. And get the puppets started. It’s only November and I’m stressing out! ARRRGH!

2007: In case you were wondering, the Kroger 49 cents a pound turkey is a better deal than the $10 off a turkey Meijer’s deal when you get into the upper poundage of turkey.

2006: I prefer taking pictures but as long as I don’t look like too much of a blubbery doofus I don’t mind having my picture taken.

2005: We even wound up being chased by a half dozen Horde town guards when we accidentally discovered a horde outpost in a new area we were wandering around in. Dude, run!

2004: Grudging and not updating.

2003: TheMan states that tomorrow he will have been (I love the English language, past and present verb tenses to indicate a future happening all in one serving) blogging for a year but in fact last November 21st was his first entry.

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