It Happened One UCon

What a weekend to review too. OK! Sleeves up, let’s get started.

Friday night TheMan and I went out with my coworker-neighbor and her husband for a celebratory dinner. My coworker-neighbor is fairly soon going to become my ex-coworker (but still my neighbor) as she got a job out in the real world. Apparently, academia librarianship and real world librarianship differ quite a bit and soon to be ex-coworker is more fond of the real world librarianshipping. I…couldn’t tell you one way or another since I’m not a librarian in either academia or the real world but at least for her, the new job is more in line with what she wants to do with her life. Booyaw! Although we will miss her at work.

Saturday we did the usual Warcrafting and I think I might have taken a nap or something. Thinkthink. OH! right. I got up super extra early to do some stupid pally stuff and then we did something or other. Maybe. Does it matter in the long run? Not really.

Saturday night, though, we put on the UCon Mini-Smithees. We discovered that The Earl (AKA Badmovie) has UCon notes going back as far as 2005. Wow (the expression), we’ve been hanging out at UCon for quite some time, haven’t we? I had a special promotional goodie to give out on account of it being an election year.

Everyone got “I Voted” buttons. Is that not an awesome design? TheMan thought that up after I vaguely described an idea as “Like those ‘I voted’ stickers with the flags and everything, except maybe some film.” Badmovie also secretly brought some bacon bars which we totally didn’t give out if you are a UCon staff member reading this. Actually, he didn’t exactly give them out as much as they sat on the table in their little wax baggies and people who came up and asked about them or who we thought ought to try them were offered the chance. Weirdly, very few people asked about the tub full of mysteriously wrapped packages.

Once again I got into a snit with Amir’s because their crew were being more “I want to get out of here as close to closing if not before” than customer friendly. They did not shut down the cappuccino machine 15 minutes before the store officially closed which gets them points. They did, however, lock the door across from our room and the bulk of the UCon events an hour before closing in an attempt to discourage the UCon crowd. You had to walk all the way around the “block” and I’m sure a lot of coffee didn’t get sold due to inconvenience. However, they didn’t exactly get the peace and closing prep quiet they were banking on because I kept suggesting Amir’s to the Smithee attendees as an awesome place to get drinks. I think quite a few took me up on the suggestion.

It’s not that I begrudge early clean up, it’s that I begrudge cleaning up in exclusion to helping customers AN HOUR BEFORE THE PLACE CLOSES! The locking of the door annoyed me too. Hence, the capital harassment.

The show went kind of strangely. The entire first half was really subdued to the point that badmovie and I thought TheMan was off his game. Then intermission happened and shazam! The house started rocking. I have no idea the whys or wherefores of that weirdness, maybe there was a first show half sugar slump.

Another bit of almost fun was that Stalker Ty was going to make it up for the UCon show. Almost. Apparently he heard about there being some snow flurries or something and “wussed out” (in the words of his friend who did come). StalkerPatti made it to the show though and had a message for Ty:

I kinda wish Ty had come up because then we could have had a stalker-off. That sounds vaguely Russian when you say it out loud. StalkerPatti does not have a Smithee Awards tattoo but she has been making noises about seeing the Origins show. Stalker Ty best watch out!

The show wrapped, we did the traditional Pizza House Booz run, we got home way too late.

Sunday dawned very bright and early and also illin for TheMan. He’s been on the verge of some throat thing for a couple days now and I think the show did him in. He woke up with unpleasantness and we wound up staying home and loafing about. And napping. I’m trying not to get the sick.

2007: JSFR: Corlade

2006: Mini nothing for you!

2005: Technically, the stuffing will fit…as in there is no stuffing meniscus but mixing it becomes a challenge.

2004: Tomorrow we are going to mosey on up to mumses and have us a Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat.

2003: I’m also a tad chillier than I like because I’m dressed in women’s dress casual with no pockets and skirty air wooshing action.

3 Responses to “It Happened One UCon”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Re my picture: please remember that the camera adds 100 pounds 🙂

    Amers told us that they were closed when we walked through their open door. Since the door was open, silly I presumed they were open. The counter dude immediately said, “We’re closed!” I was kinda irritated.

    Jeff and I slept until almost 11:30 on Sunday, which was awesome.

  2. boo Says:

    Dude, that’s an AWESOME pic because it makes me laugh. Not at you, but at your message for Ty. HEE! It captured the moment.

    Yeah…if you’re closed, then CLOSE the door. See how that’s practically the same word? I bet it was planned that way! Frikkin Amir’s closing crew.

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    The best though is how you said I’m making noises about going to Origins. That just cracked me up.

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