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I’ve been keeping an eye out for my J-List order which was slated to arrive in “3-5 weeks” or something like that. I had them shipped Slow Boat from China Japan because $20 in shipping was plenty, thankyouverymuch, but 3-5 weeks? ARGH! The waiting. I held hope eternal that they would get here sooner, especially when J-List sent me an e-mail a day after I ordered saying my order had shipped. OH SQUEEE!

Then today, as we pulled up from work, there was A PACKAGE ON THE PORCH OMGOMG SQUEEEEE!!!1!! At which point TheMan turned around and had me committed to the nearest psych ward. Heh. I think he forgot that I had ordered anything because while I was having quite the burbley SQUEEE in the passenger’s seat he was all “Uhhh…Babe? Are we expecting something?” Like DUH! SNACKS! OMGOMG!

Well O-Kay then.

The porch was sopped through so naturally I had to open the box post haste. But of course. Most of the order arrived, I think. Lemmie check. OK, missing a Morinaga Salted Caramel, Grapefruit Mentos, Alpen Salt Cratz and Meltykiss/blend whatever dark rum. I hope they wander their way to my house eventually because I am most excited by the dark rum. Also, I need to check on one of the things since I thought I got a Morinaga Adzuki and Badmovie seems to have ordered a Morinaga Salted Caramel and I’m hoping the thing I think is Adzuki isn’t his Salted Caramel. I did get the pack of Otoko Kaoru Mens Fragrance Gum Night Blue and Tyrant Habanero — Original Flavor Chips so I’m pretty happy there. Oh and Basil Pretz. Heh. December is going to be an awesome JSFR month.

Speaking of JSFR, I cranked out two weekend’s worth of reviews tonight. Go me. I even forewent Warcraft for photographing and writing up four reviews. Yeah, I know! Weird. The Little Kitty helped me by keeping the bed next to me warm (the only place which was relatively free of kruft was the bed so instead of cleaning off a table I just photographed on the bed spread. Lazy is as lazy does). But! Now I am as current* as I’ve ever been on the JSFR. WOOT!

(*Of course I have to go to Lucky Grocery to take some pics and pick up snacks for this weekend so I’ll probably fall behind once again. Le sigh.)

After writing up my snack foods, I made some donut pudding for the Day Before Thanksgiving pot luck and did a little freezer maintenance. It’s cheap turkey season again and I picked up my first one on the way home from work. Tomorrow will be turkey number two and perhaps Friday I’ll snag turkey three. I’m going to have to decide whether 3 turkeys is the magic number or if 3 turkeys is one more turkey than my laziness can tolerate. On one hand, 59 cents a pound? SCORE! On the other hand, three turkeys plus all the other freezer stuff is a lot of stuff. Hmmmm.

2007: JSFR: ChocoRoll

2006: JSFR: NY Sable Black Cocoa

2005: Wow. Two or three turkeys. Let me think on that a bit…

2004: Heh, guess what I didn’t do yesterday? 2 boo points if you said “posted”

2003: It’s the one that translates into: Holy CRAP! December is almost here and I have NO IDEA what I’m getting for Christmas presents!

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