Donut Pudding and Other Pre Thanksgiving Preparations

Mmmmmmm, cake light. Not as tasty as donut pudding but much brighter.

Once again I put off making goodies for a Last Work Day Before Thanksgiving potluck so I was up at oh-dark-hundred baking donut pudding. The awesome thing about donut bread pudding is that it has to soak for a bit (officially an hour but overnight seems to work well too). Ergo, the only prepwork that has to be done in the morning is filling the water bath and plopping the donut pudding in it. Well, and turning on the stove to preheat. Other than that? It’s back to bed for an hour (it takes 70+ minutes to cook).

There was no working out done during the cooking phase of the pudding. There was going to be, like there was Monday when I baked the 5am lazy cake but 70 minutes of cooking versus 30 minutes of cooking is a whole different sleep-in kettle of fish. Or something. Anyhow, exercising: 0, sleeping in: 1.

The potluck was full of good food. A warm up before the big day, because you never want to over eat on a cold stomach. It’s like marathon training, you just don’t get up and do 24 (ish) miles without working up to it. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As far as Thanksgiving prep, I’m home free. Our late October Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving dinner took care of that so all I had to do was yank the second dish of stuffing from the freezer yesterday. It was a difficult task but somehow I prevailed. It needs to thaw and then brown for about 15 minutes. Easiest prep ever. Have I mentioned recently how much I love our chest freezer? LOVE!

Speaking of freezers and Thanksgiving, Kroger once again is having their awesome turkey sale (59 cents a pound this year, up by 10 cents from last year). I snagged a 12 pounder yesterday and then went back on the way home from work today for another. For some reason all the small birds are being snapped up so by 5pm the smallest bird I could find was an 18 pounder. That’s a lot of bird. I am having reservations about it fitting in my turkey roaster but 18 pounds of bird for 11 bucks and change? I’ll make it fit. This did mean I had to evict the cranberry slurry that has been waiting to become wine for about a year. I’m seeing some wining happening this Thanksgiving break as well however, I think two freezer turkeys is probably plenty of turkey for the year. I need to fit other things in there and really, we had to work to eat the third turkey from last year.

I have no cheap fryer chickens though. That’s my next conquest.

Alright, have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow, or if you aren’t American, have an awesome Thursday.

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2004: Although I did heft 18 pounds of turkey around, can I count that as working out? No?

2003: I did have to go back to work which was a drag but there was only about thirty minutes left in the day and I figured that was doable without fatalities.

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