Boxing Day?

Good Morning all, yeah boxing day was yesterday but we still have boxes all over the house so I thought it was an appropriate title. Just thought I’d drop by and say hello before I wander back off to bed. I got up in dire need of a cinnamon crunch bagel, which is a harmonious thing here at the boo house. If we had gotten the bagels we actually ordered I would have been sorely disappointed but as it was the bagel shop clerk screwed up and gave us a handful of the cinnamon crunch bagels instead of the French Toast bagels. Maybe she knew that I would wake up the day after the day after and have this burning desire for cinnamon hat goodness. Who knows!

So, how about a Saturday Morning recap? OK! Glad you agree.

We were at my mumses for Christmas eve and I tell you it was the biggest stack of presents I have seen in a long time for only four people. My sis’s mail order presents had come in (while she was at mumses last Saturday. Oh the irony) so she “Just threw some wrapping paper on them” and left them at my moms. My sis’s idea of a quick wrapped present still gives Martha Stewart’s wrapped presents a run for their money. My god that woman is creative, you would not believe how beautiful her presents looked. Yeah, she just threw them together like cheetahs are sort of quick.

The bad thing about all the presents was that we weren’t sure when the tree went on or off (it’s on a timer) so we moseyed into the living room after dinner to enjoy it while it lasted. See, the controller was buried somewhere behind all the presents. We got a good hour or so of tree sitting and then we all went to bed. I got up at 4:30 (lots of coffee. Lots) and was surprised to find the tree lit and glowing with festive goodness (until I remember that the entire mumses household keeps weird early hours. The tree goes on at 3:45am) AND that Mr. Paul (or someone, at the time I wasn’t sure who) was up and about already. Dudes, I haven’t woken up this early for Christmas since I was seven. Mr. Paul, the freak, usually gets up at that hour. Ugh! Anyway, he hadn’t gotten to wrapping his presents yet so he was around doing that. Heh.

By 7:30 I could sleep no longer and rousted TheMan to go downstairs. Mumses and Mr. Paul were up already (having gotten up at 6 or something freakish like that, or in Mr. Paul’s case 4:00. Yeah, he was still up from then). Besides, we weren’t sure when the tree went off so we had to open the gifts soon right? What? It’s true!

The highlights of the stash were TheMan got a bottle filler for wine making and a huge wine shelf, I got this cargo bar for the truck (you laugh! That’s the coolest thing ever. You try driving around in a truck getting your groceries only to have to go spelunking for the various cans and bags that have wandered themselves all the way to the back of the bed. I love my cargo bar!) and we got a s’more maker from my sis. What a hoot! She even wrapped up (separately) sterno, chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows. That sis of mine.

We also came home with a coffee grinder that is now officially a spice grinder, since Dirge and Shar already gave us a coffee grinder. Heh. I think the one my mumses and Mr. Paul gave us is a tiny thing, just right for spices. Whooo. We also got some yummy coffee beans, for the grinder and I got a pink elephant finger puppet. OH! I forgot the monkey elephant. He’s got these really long arms that Velcro together just like the monkey we have. They both are hanging around the stick that transverses our two bookshelves. I wore the monkey font for a good deal of Christmas day. I am a freak!

TheMan got me emeralds! I have something green! He got me this beautiful tear drop set of synthetic emeralds (with gold) and also a set of earrings that were real emeralds. Very cool. He also got me the perfect little tea pot (yay!) and an elephant wine stopper. YAY!

After eats and such, we were off to up north. TheMan’s crowd was getting together at the Best Western/Sheraton/Whatevertheheck Hotel and having a pool side Christmas feast. The Qs and DQ were there, Aunt B, Uncle George, Grandma Minnie and her sis Aunt Lil, the other Matt and fam and Dick and Roberta (was that everyone? OH! Shelly and kid too). We had a nice ham and some great salad and these little stuffing muffins. Oooooh, TASTY! Then, it was time to distribute and open gifts.

They do Christmas weirdly. There kept being gifts and gifts all night long. Someone would say “Oh, I forgot about BLAH BLAH bag!” and then, more Christmas. TheMan, continuing in the wine vein, got a fermenter warmer for the bucket (so now we can do wine downstairs where it’s chilly and NOT have to have the house at 412 degrees while the initial fermenting takes place. I love TheMan’s parents!) and two carboys. That brings the total carboys in the new Q household up to 9 plus the borrowed one from Rob (which isn’t really ours in theory. Heh). We are set for whatever we think might ferment well. The plans are to throw some mead in the smaller ones (the two 2.8 gallon carboys), and maybe try some raspberry wine and perhaps another blood orange wine. Oh, I forgot to mention the juicer Mr. Paul and the mumses got TheMan. He is all excited about juicing stuff now.

Back to the Q loot. I got my official Q necklace (Dad Q made a design thingit that he, Mom Q, DQ and now I have as a pendant. I’m an official Q now!) all happy on a beautiful chain (and I wore it right alongside my emerald necklace I did. Fashion be dammned!) and two great scarves. Aunt B gave all the women these gorgeous burnt velvet scarves that were amazingly pretty. Mine has a vine pattern on it and will go wonderfully with my “Black Tie Optional” outfit. Others were more solid (mine was the most burnt of the lot I think) and different colors but they were all really pretty. I also got a buffalo scarf to go with my buffalo mitts and socks. I don’t much wear the socks unless it is really cold (they are WARM) but my mitts and I are inseparable. Toasty fingers are the BOMB. I am looking forward to toasty neck and face too.

Oh! I almost forgot the DVDs. DQ found us the Abyss Special Edition, which I have been looking for FOREVER. Way keen! I was all “WHOOOO!” when I saw it. She says she found it at Best Buy but I have been looking every time I have gone in and nada. I think she made a bargain with the distributors or something because that has not been available for years. Well, maybe only two but still. You can’t even get it from Amazon anymore (which was her whole gig. She figured no one was going to be getting “unavailable” stuff off the wedding registry so it was a safe present) and they are the gods of stuff. We also got the deluxe version of T2, in a shiny metal box, so we have some viewing all queued up. She in turn was ALL about the Pirates and pretty geeked about the Dunes. She didn’t have the original, but had bought the SciFi remake. Fortunately, we happened on the extended director’s cut so it is different from the one she has. Yeah, errr…we PLANNED it that way. Right.

Last but not least, FINGERPUPPE! We got an elephant (of course) and a kangaroo, and then later when no one claimed the last four we wound up with a skunk and a ladybug. They are, as always, cuuuuuuuute. We really need to put up a peg board for them to display all our finger guys. We have about 15 or 20 of them now. I guess that is how collections start eh? Hee, fingerpuppe!

Last Year at the booniverse: CHEETOS! Yup, another day of not posting. At least next year you all will have the Continuous December Project to look forward to in your back link browsing.

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