Nefling in T-minus 5 Days and Counting


I did not bring the camera to Thanksgiving this year because I thought “I always bring the camera and do a picto-blog. It’s probably getting boring putting the same old stuff up.” so I opted out. Wouldn’t you know, Mr. Paul was all, “Where’s the camera? You usually bring the camera! It’s such a shame to not get a pic of this fine bird!” You just can’t win.

My sis decided that this year we were going to have a fresh turkey so she picked one up from wherever it is that she picks these things up from. It was not an organic turkey though because “They sold out of those weeks ago.” I’m hoping that sentence actually parses as “They sold out of organic turkey orders weeks ago and people will be picking up their organic turkeys right before Thanksgiving” rather than “They sold the birds weeks ago.” Either that, or I hope the organic turkeys were frozen because ew! I actually have no idea how that works because I’ve always gotten my turkeys frozen from the store. No wait, one time I got a fresh turkey the day before Thanksgiving but it was still from the store and probably inorganic or whatever the opposite catch phrase is.

By the way, I solved my little turkey puzzle from a few days ago. It seems like the smaller turkeys are best for deep frying (the one my sis got was somewhere around 10 pounds or so) so perhaps the deep fryers were snapping them up like 59 cents a pound hot cakes. I have a confession about deep fried turkeys. They are…not all that for me. My mom and BroIL descended on the bird and picked the skin off before it was practically out of the oil. They love them some deep fried turkey bird skin but to me the skin tastes smoky burnt. I usually don’t eat the skin anyway so whatever. I do kinda miss the smell of roasting turkey though; deep fried turkey smells more of burnt turkey skin and less of delicious browned turkey (with lots of little turkey roasting veggies all cuddled up to it). As far as taste, I didn’t notice a difference one way or the other. Mr. Paul’s birds are always tip top.

I am mad at DQ for making the best apple pie known to man. It was even better than the pumpkin pie she made (and that was one righteous wikid pumpkin pie). In a sane world, no mere apple pie should be able to hold a candle to the awesome that is pumpkin but no. She had to go break reality. Man that was one fine apple pie. Ima going to see if I can scam her recipe and make me Apple Pie of the Gods. I’d even peel and slice apples for a pie like that and I hate peeling and slicing apples.

Lastly, I learned that I will be an Aunt about three to four weeks sooner than I had first thought. My sister is having some unfortunate complications with her pregnancy and they want to step up the C-section date. She goes in Monday to see if the nefling is developed enough to have a December 2nd birthday. If he is, then he gets to premier a couple weeks early. If not, they will wait a week and he’ll have a December…errr…9th birthday? Is that right? Anyhow, that’s the new scoop on the nefling situation. Think good thoughts towards my soon to be nefling and my sis come Monday and Tuesday (or next Tuesday).

2007: Wait…so the sun only works from about 8 in the morning until 4 in the evening? With frequent storm breaks wherein it only shines a half day? Does it get lunch breaks too? Cuz I kinda want that job now.

2006 : I also volunteered to roast the bird, which I got at the giant Meijer’s sale of doom for less that $4!

2005: Back when Pumpkin pie was still king.

2004: I still wasn’t updating.

2003: JSFR: Boton Rice Candy

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