Stay A While and Listen, Part 2

Hey Ho, December 28th and an entry. Go me. Whatever

It’s been an interesting day here at the boo house. We are both up and showered and…that’s as far as it got. Well, and the dressing thing because you can’t play Diablo in your birthday suit; the power books tend to get a little toasty on the lap. TheMan is an antisocial BAH and I’m just plain MEH so we decided to not do anything and lounge around playing computer games. Diablo II to be more specific.

See, we had the first ever Diablo-a-thon over at Therckand Scott’s place yesterday. Therck and Baby D are not so much the computer gamers, rather Scott was having trouble advancing his Paladin so he was the one who was keen on playing. Well, and us too. I did get to hang a bit with Therck and baby D (who was not very fond of me holding her, but utterly fascinated by things I was doing. Don’t ask, I have no idea, but she seemed to find something fun in the way I talked or walked or moved or…something) and that was fun.

Back at the Diablo camp, we decided to go with two Paladins and an Amazon, since TheMan and I only have the two characters on the nightmare level (well, except that freaky Necro that got advanced through the entire game when TheMan’s hard drive crashed. Yeah, some people lose data, he gets a massive power boost). It’s probably not the best combination but it gets the job done, plus the auras are stackable. Tasty.

Yeah, those of you who don’t play have no idea do you? The long and short of it were Scott was having a very hard time not dying when he ran solo and TheMan and I have been playing, but my Paladin usually dies about twice a session. Last night, Scott leveled up three times and only died three times, which seems to be about 400% better on the dying thing for him and he actually got experience. Man, I’ve been there when you just can’t get anywhere because of massive death syndrome. Heh, I’ve even shut the computer off and lost all the character’s equipment I’ve gotten so frustrated. I did my usual two Paladin deaths but I also gained two levels. Holy cow the experience poured in. We all decided that we are probably going to have to schedule more Diablo-a-thons because it rocked.

Today, TheMan was dead to the world when I got up so I fired up my Druid and tooled him around. We had tried to group with the Amazon and Druid but it screwed up the quest the Druid had to do. I decided to see if I could do it alone and I did…three times. I’ve been having some problems with connectivity, for whatever reason, which resulted in my getting dropped in the middle of tooling around. Fight, fight, fight, kill, kill, kill, get half the quest done and POOF! Dropped. So I got back in, set back up, went back out, killed, maimed, quested and BAM! Dropped. I got really good at fighting the first big baddie of the area though. Oh him again. Finally, TheMan woke up and moved the airport a bit. That seems to have worked. I got my quest, got some stuff for the Paladin and we changed out characters.

We have been working on a Sorceress and Necro combo (TheMan has the Sorceress) and it’s tough. My Necro isn’t set up well I think, and I so need to boost up what seems like 12 skills. Add to that the fact that my entourage is dumb as a box of rocks and it equates out to some very ugly fighting. Necros are NOT front line fighters. And hey, what’s with all the lightning bugs? They did some upgrades and now there are lightning bugs all over the damn place. I hate lightning bugs. Gah!

Currently, I’m taking a small break from gaming. We had a bite of dinner in the form of Morningstar Farms veggie corn dogs (which freekin ROCK y’all. I don’t know how they make plant taste like corn dog but they do. Yum!) and amazing BBQ dipping sauce. There is no such finer quick food that that, friends. Go pick yourself up some. We also had us some s’mores thanks to my Sis and the s’more making kit she got us for Christmas. Goofy, yes but you know, *I* had s’mores in the middle of winter. Let THAT sink in all you snow bound peoples. HA!

Alright, that about sums things up and I’m not likely to be doing much this evening other than more Diablo and possibly detangling the cats (we have free range kitties tonight, all three are at their leisure to go wherever they please, which does not please the Little Kitty at all. She would rather Meow keep her Meow butt downstairs. Ahhh, feline amusement). Whoops, hissing and spitting. Gotta go!

Last Year at the booniverse: The end of the Traveling Christmas Show and making Christmas cookies. Hey, how’s this for consistancy: This year we are eating Christmas Cookies today.

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