A Friday Whatever

Ahhh, hearkening back to summer with the pic today. I think I’ll slap up a random Friday Five like thing and call it good. November is almost done and then…I’ll have to post every day of December. On one hand, I’ll have done NaNoBloMe for the second year in a row (HA!) on the other hand, why? I like the December posting just fine because it’s the booniverse blogaversary month (it’s my present to y’all) but two months of solid posting is brutal!

I have a confession to make. In the mornings when I’ve gotten up and dressed and whatnot, I make up the bed so that the kitties have their favorite sleeping spots all nested out for them. Mind you, I’m not “making” the bed, just pulling the covers more or less flatish over the bed and up onto the pillows but I take care to make sure the Little Kitty has a small spot near my pillows where the top comforter is pulled back a bit. She’s not so fond of the satin comforter and much prefers the down comforter underneath. She also likes to snuggle up against the pillows so I like to hook her up with a spot that isn’t covered by satin comforter yet has a cozy down comforter spot right alongside a pillow (and up and over said pillow, I don’t love her that much to allow her cat ass access to my pillow).

As for Isaak, I fluff out the small down throw smack in the middle of the bed so he can tunnel where he pleases. Usually both cats are clam happy snoozing in the prepped spots unless I let on that I’ve gone and done the prepping. In Isaak’s case, he’ll tunnel anyway but Little Kitty doesn’t jump for the man, you know? OK, actually she does. She loves her some TheMan scritchies but you know what I mean. No one tells her where to sleep, SHE IS AN INDEPENDENT CAT!

Today I discovered how not to poach eggs. On the other hand, I have a fairly good idea how to make egg drop soup. I have some ideas on how to fix my poached egg technique but I hope the learning curve isn’t too steep.

I also made minestrone soup. It is much easier than poached eggs or at least it is a lot harder to screw up. Either or. Poached eggs get a C+, minestrone soup gets a solid A-. I had an interesting conversation with my sister about cheap turkeys on Thanksgiving. She seemed genuinely puzzled as to why I would have two or more birds in my freezer, I was puzzled as to why I wouldn’t. We ate all three cheap birds last year in fairly good order and I had one more than I do now. I can’t see not going through two birds sometime in the next 12 months, especially if I start running low on stock. It’s true that a turkey is a bigger undertaking than a chicken but a turkey lasts longer than a chicken and makes more stock. Win-win!

I ran into someone at work the other day who said that she didn’t think anyone made their own soup anymore. I love making my own soup. OK, I really love making stock but soup is also up there with things I look forward to cooking. Actually, I kinda really like making big dishes in general that become several meals over the next couple of days. Maybe that’s why I don’t think it’s strange to have turkey on days that are not Thanksgiving or Christmas because one bird becomes several different sorts of meals (turkey pot pie! Oh I need to make me some of that sometime soon. Mmmmm!) Do people just not home cook these days?

Have I mentioned yet (today) that I love my freezer chest? It lets me buy a lot of food on sale and keep it for those days when the food is not on sale but you really want some [turkey, chicken, bacon…]. Speaking of which, I should check out some after Thanksgiving sales this weekend. We need cranberries for next year’s wine, yo. And maybe there will be some fryer chickens on sale. I needs me a fryer chicken!

2007: I think I’ll go stomp around like a disgruntled 3 year old and see if that helps. Hold on. Nope. It just makes my feet hurt.

2006: When MomQ called down and asked what Grandma Minnie had had for dinner, Grandma Minnie replied with much disgust “Brown”

2005: Friday there was much Warcrafting, this I remember. I think. Does it really matter?

2004: Geggses? Nope, none of those either.

2003: Ummm…yeah I got an allowance but beats me how much it was. I was a kid a long time ago.

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