The Morning After

Oh say, g’mornin to y’all. If you are thinking “Boo, what the heck are you doing up at ten in the morning?” because, you know, you read where I said TheMan and I had been playing Diablo until 4:30 this morning and didn’t get to bed until 6:00…well I can’t really give you a good reason. I just woke up at 9:30 all twitchy and had to Get. Out. Of. Bed.

So, I played a little bit of Diablo. Heh. Not much because the XP gain sorta sucked and I was bored (having played 12 hours of it yesterday) but I thought I might see if I could crack the next level for my Necro and play with the neat new spell he gets. I was also hoping that my body might get over whatever it is that is making me all antsy in bed and decide that yes, 3 hours of sleep is way too little. Go to sleep!

But alas, not yet. I got about half of the level and decided ‘Meh’. It seems too much like work this morning and I’m just not in to playing like that. I probably wont even neopet because…eh. I did start up a house project, which I was reminded of yet again going up to the bathroom. The sink there has been draining slower and slower (aannd sssslllloooower) and while we got some Draino three weeks or so ago, it just hasn’t made it upstairs yet. It was one of those things where it has sat near the door to upstairs waiting for one of us to remember it BEFORE going up, because once you are up you just don’t want to spend the energy to go all the way back down just to get the Draino. We will remember it next time, along with the Cheetos I am sure.

ANYHOW, I went up, noted again that the sink is draining slow and said “To hell with Cheetos!” (yeah, it sorta spooked me too) and I made the special trip back down to get the darn Draino. I just I glorged it into the sink about 11 minutes ago and the instructions tell me that it has to sit for 15 minutes and then get rinsed down with hot water. So what to do while waiting? Why post of course (because I’m damned tired of Diablo).

I do have a question though, why do they tell you to flush with hot water? I just put a pot on to boil (and it made the weirdest noises. I went in to see if maybe I got the wrong burner and some of the stove crap was cherry red while my tea kettle sat idyll. No, it was the tea kettle making weird poppy squeaky gurgly noises. Don’t know what that was about but it seems to have stopped. Or maybe the whistle is drowning it out. Excuse me a moment) because how are you supposed to get hot water from a tap that has been sitting for 15 minutes? Is it OK to flush with cold and then warm water while the tap warms up? Well, I’m going to have to wait on the answer to that as my stove is backing up. Excuse me while I go shut the timer off and attend to the drain. Have a good day y’all, after this, I’m going back to sleep.

Last Year at the booniverse: Well OK then, my bad. The twelve days start at Christmas and continue through to the 6th of January (25…26…27…) Errr, the 5th of January.

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