In Which Consumerism Really Starts to Piss Me Off

Good…errr…is it Tuesday? I don’t know, I’ve sort of lost track of time and space over the holiday. I’ll just run with Tuesday and if that’s wrong, well I hope I get it straightened out before I need to be back at work. I’m one of the freaks who is going in on Friday (and just Friday) because I’m saving up my vacation. Don’t worry, next year I’ll be back in the ranks of normal and take off the weird straggle days in the middle of the week. Errr, wait, I think next year is one of those cool years without straggle days. ANYHOW, hello and happy whatever this day may be.

We just got back from feeding the rabbits (seeings as we are one of the few left down state or in state for that matter, we are looking after one cat and five rabbits and some plants. Three different households) and we stopped by Meijers for some groceries. We are going to be all festive like here at the boo house for the New Years thing so we got some cocktail weenies, to try out on the s’more maker…of course! and we got a shrimp and K-crab platter for…also munching on and finally we got Triscuits for making the world’s best horsed overs (I can’t spell it the French way so I’m completely hosing the word. Hey, my journal and my lack of spelling brain cells) which are really just onion, mayo and parmesan cheese gooped together, stuck on a cracker, Triscuit if you are going to do it right, and broiled until the onion gloop gets all brown on the top. Yummm! We were also going to pick up the fixings for the world’s best Long Island Iced Teas but alas, no Mrs. T’s green mixer mix. I think it’s sweet and sour but I’ll know when I see the bottle.

If I see the bottle. You know, Meijers used to carry Mrs. T’s stuff but now? No. They used to have a much wider selection of alcohol but now? Not so much. There is also a strange lack of variety that I find awfully weird at the thrifty acres (which as a child I thought was 50 acres because they are one HUGE honkin store). I mean, the point of going to Meijers is because you are going to find stuff there, but lately it seems like they are whittling down their stock. Sure they have a TON of sausage weenies, but they are all one brand and all one kind. You can’t find chicken weenies from BLAH maker anymore, it’s all Eckredge farms and it’s all your basic weenie package. They aint gonna run out of the basic weenies, that’s for sure but the spice and variety is sorely lacking.

They were also putting up Valentines Day. VALENTINE’S DAY! People it’s still 2003, hello? What’s with this Valentine’s day crap? Gees, let the new year go quietly out before jumping all over the next marketable thing will you? When I take over the world, I’m going to instigate a law that says you can not advertise a holiday any more than a month in advance and certainly you can NOT advertise a holiday when it’s still the previous year. Hell, lets stat carving some pumpkins and get a jump on things, shall we? Oi!

So, mixerless, we went to the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop which will carry mixer stuff because, come on! They are the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop, they have to carry mixer stuff. They do, but not Mrs. T’s (and it has to be Mrs. T’s because “all the other stuff is crap” Straight from the horses mouth, y’all). They do suggest some other places and tell us how best to get there and they do NOT have Valentine’s decorations up. They shall live in the new world order.

As a side note, I always like going to the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese shop because they have the coolest employees. First of all, they are all wearing dark blue lab coats. How cool is that? A beer and wine store and they all get to wear lab coats. Of course I’m a big fan of lab coats and especially the dark blue ones but that’s something entirely different to get into. Suffice to say, the employee garb gets two big thumbs up. Second, the employees are the most helpful yet strange people. Strange in the good way. They know their shit and if their store can’t help you, they make sure you get a lead on what you need. We went in for brewing supplies, which they used to carry but no more, and the guy was all “Nah, sorry. Haven’t had that stuff in a while. But…there is X place out in Plymouth or Y place here or…” They are way helpful and pleasant and all that good service stuff. Good people over there. Lastly, they have the Wall Of Liquor. Yeah, OK they are a beer and wine and booze place so they should have a varied selection (and you would think that would be the norm for places such as this but I tell you, it’s not as you might think it should be around these parts) but locally, I can’t think of a place that has a better selection. They even have the tiny bottles of booze which are the cutest things ever. They make great stocking stuffers.

Alright, where was I? Right, Valentines day and mixers. So we tootled off to the nearest CVS to pick up some mixer stuff because, they ought to have mixer stuff right? Wroooo-ooong. Not only that BUT they had Valentine’s going and when we got in line to pay for two cool cards I found for my sis’s birthday, I noticed a standing display filled with Cadbury eggs. My first thought was “Oh hey! Mmmm, Cadbury eggs. Tasty.” Then I thought to myself that Cadbury eggs are mostly an Easter thing. They wouldn’t…

In disbelief I walked around to the front of the display and by George, it was a cardboard bucket of Easter Promotionals. EASTER! Ahhhh! Damn, people, let Christ have a bit of a breather before you kill him off, he was only born five days ago and now you’ve got the Easter stuff out. Holy criminy consumerism, Batman. We were so disgusted we left the cards randomly in the card section and stomped out. Easter for crying out loud.

If you are still looking for Mrs. T’s sweet and sour or whatever mixer, then you too will have to look further than Wallgreens as well. In fact, both CVS and Walgreens don’t have that much of a selection of booze to speak of so you might just want to not even consider either of them when out for boozy type stuff. I think Rite-aid was the place I got the mixer from last time so we will probably hit there after the evening bunny feeding. Someplace somewhere in the town has got to have Mrs. T’s mixer. Wish me luck, especially if the next place has Fourth of July fixings up. Stupid consumerism.

Last Year at the booniverse: Nothing! Nada! It’s no sailing for the rest of last year.

2 Responses to “In Which Consumerism Really Starts to Piss Me Off”

  1. Tobes Says:

    What is the real name of the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Shop?

  2. boo Says:

    Hmmm, TheMan says it is The Big 10 Party Store, however CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE is written in huge large letters (and neon to boot) so that’s what we call it.