A Hippo New Dear

Jolly good vacation no? Blimey but it’s almost over!

If it’s not Diablo it’s books. TheMan got me into reading Terry Prachett’s “The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents”, which I finished yesterday and now I am full of The Wee Free Men. Pass the Cheetos towards my mouth will you? Oi! Not only do I have a monstrous reading headache (because I always get a monstrous reading headache when I read a book cover to cover in one day) but I have just spent the last two days doing a whole lot of nothing and I’m really hungry right now and I think I have to pee.

Oh, I ate a lot of shrimp. That’s basically all I have done today. Get up, make cheesy rolls, eat shrimp, take cheesy rolls out of the oven, eat more shrimp, have cheesy rolls with shrimp chasers, watch the Rose Bowl parade while eating shrimp, go back for more cheesy rolls and snag some shrimp for the trip to the kitchen, make mimosas to have with the shrimp and TV watching and finally, I ate some shrimp. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really like shrimp as much as I really like cocktail sauce. On shrimp. Shrimp is the perfect vehicle for cocktail sauce delivery. Much like fries and ketchup.

So yeah, I think my new year’s resolution might be to not eat so much shrimp ever again in one sitting. Or maybe I should vow to find shrimp with more crevasses for sauce holding. Pocket shrimp! Yes, I vow to find the perfect pocket shrimp for shrimp sauce dipping. Heh.

It was a very laid back day here. We got up at 10, for whatever reason…OH! Probably because we actually went to bed just after midnight. Long Islands will do that to you. Yeah, anyway, 10. We got up, futzed around, turned on the tube at 11ish to find the parade was already in motion. TheMan’s New Year’s Day tradition involves eating lots of shrimp (check) with shrimp sauce (Mmmm, check) and channel surfing the parade so that you never have to watch the commercials. We found four stations that were carrying it so we had some pretty good options. And shrimp. Did I mention the shrimp?

After the parade came the bunnies, Lowes and then TheMan got all wine meistro while I finished off Wee Free Men. Now, my head really, really hurts and I feel sort of Twilight Zone-ish. Heh, it’s one of those things where you don’t want to move your eyes too fast, either back and forth or in and out to focus because if you do, your brain gives you a gentle tug to say “Hey, we’ve been doing the eye back and forth thing on a single focus for the past five hours, give us some stretching time eh?” It’s best not to bother the brain when it get all geriatric on you like that, so I’m trying not to wobble it about so much. It’s almost like a hangover really, a reading hangover if you will.

That’s OK, this afternoon I had a shrimp hang over.

And how did the new Qs celebrate their first New Years you may ask. Pretty tamely, although we did win a good round with a pitcher of Long Islands. Mmmmmm. About ten minutes to midnight we popped ol’ Dick Clark and his Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show on the telly and sat by for the count down, because you always watch Dick Clark on New Years. You have to, just to see if the Devil turns up this year to collect his soul. Heh. (small but funny side note: There was some blah blah history about the ball and whatnot and Dick Clark said that “They have been dropping the ball in Times Square for a hundred years.” to which TheMan said “And I have been here every single year to see it.”) I gave TheMan a New Year’s present (one gong he had been drooling after) and he gave me a New Year’s present (a beautiful emerald pendant to go with the half bezel earrings) and neither of us actually planned it so much as sort of did it. Heh. Then? We went to bed. Ayup, party people are we.

Ah well. Tomorrow I’m back at work, for a day, and then the weekend. I hope to be a little more industrious but today? I’m still on vacation. Ciao and happy new year.

Last Year at the booniverse: Watchin the parade and eatin shrimp. Except, like, 500 miles more northish. Shrimps are colder up der y’know.

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