Es schneit!

As the Germans would say. Or, more correctly, ‘es schneit noch’, since I don’t think it ever really stopped from last night. Hard to say, I work underground. Or, if you are feeling petulant, ‘es schneit endlich’ although I’m not sure the Germans would use ‘endlich’ that sarcastically. Hmmm. Anyway, for those of you who are Germanically declined, it’s snowing, and it’s about time. I was seriously considering planting my bulbs on Sunday before it got so cold. Errr…well for the strange warm streak we seem to have been experiencing lately, because what idiot in Michigan would ordinarily consider planting bulbs just after the new year? I’m just a bit happy to see the cold stuff, although this does mean I’m going to have to do something with my bulbs before they go all soft on me.

Here’s an oddity: I’m having trouble deciding whether to write this entry in chronological order (as y’all missed out on the big fish boat experience) or crank-ological order because MAN things is really getting to me. By time is easier to follow but that would lead up to “Why I’m never becoming any sort of ‘assisting the public’ type of person. Ever.” which is my latest crank in a series of WTF work cranks. Seems that there are a lot of those and it would be nice to get them out of the way first. Maybe I will.

Welcome to The Land of WTF

ONE: The carpet cleaner people were supposed to be cleaning the carpet from January 2nd through the 8th. Now, I know they are not going to get to the entire underground addition in two days, and in fact they were planning on doing a floor by floor cleaning, but we had to prep all the floors anyhow. Why? No one bothered to give any sort of time table as to which sections they thought they might get to. You want to know what they did clean? So do I. Nothing in the entire building looks remotely vacuumed much less “carpet cleaned” in the sense that I understand what the words “carpet cleaned” mean. Who knows…maybe my understanding of “carpet cleaning”: to shampoo and rinse a carpet so as to remove dirt, and the cleaners meaning of “carpet cleaning”: to make people hurry around putting up chairs and get everything off the floor Friday, thinking that some as yet undisclosed part of the building will have been “cleaned” during the weekend of the week long specified times of “cleaning”, only to come in Monday and have to undo everything and put it back down on the floor that is still covered in crumbs and dirt that was there Friday when everything went up. In that sense, they did “clean”.

Bastards. I have to tape up all the wires and dangles and get a handful of computers totally unplugged and onto a desk as well as stuff 30 some odd chairs onto tables where there is only space for 25. Chair tetris. BUT! In an inspirational, and oddly so, moment, my boss decided that we might as well keep 75% of the computers battened down until said cleaners do their “cleaning”. Whooyaw! I was dreading having to do and undo 30 some odd computers until Friday.

TWO: So, the network printer in my office won’t print pink paper. I don’t know why, maybe it’s having one of those days where it simply wont abide by the color pink, but this can not bode well. I refuse to attribute anthropomorphic qualities to my printer because…it’s a p.r.i.n.t.e.r. It may piss me off, but computers and peripherals most always have some sort of logical reason why they aren’t doing what you want them to do, even when you can’t seem to figure it out. This can only mean that something in the pink paper, perhaps the pink (did a test run of white, green, yellow and a lovely purple and everything ran well), is not jiving with something in the printer, most likely the rollers that guide the paper to where it is going. (No, I was not the brilliant who figured that out, our IT guy asked if the take up – or actually more aptly take out – rollers were shiny and lo! They are shiny like the sun is bright.) This is not good, because I have to make 30 some odd “CAUTION: COMPUTER” signs to put on all the computers that have to stay on the floor so the “cleaners” don’t accidentally suck them into the giant “cleaning” device or whatever and the designated color of ‘don’t suck this computer’ is, of course, pink.

Naturally, I send in a work request (that did NOT say “My computer won’t print on pink paper” thankyouverymuch) and the IT guy gets back to me and the whole shiny paper feed roller things comes up. Now, in this situation, I’d say “Well, the rollers are shiny, which means they are worn so lets get a guy in here and replace them”. That is the logical thing no? In most logical worlds this would be the course of action but our IT guy says to me “Hmmm, well we could get a guy in here to fix it but it will cost money. The white paper works fine right?” (and I think to myself “Oh, this is SO not leading to ‘Just don’t use colored paper’ because I am NOT IN THE MOOD.”) and the next thing he tells me is “Well, if you don’t use colored paper all that often, why don’t you print to the other printer?”. I had to tell the guy that what he was saying was fine, but I wanted him to note on the resolution portion of the request that he advised user to not print with colored paper. Heh. Eventually he called the fix it guys and I should be getting a tune up on my printer.

THREE: Man, my boss was all in a tizzy about some icon that isn’t appearing on the public computers. A patron needed to use whatever program it was and boss was trying to find someone to ask about it RIGHT THEN and I, unfortunately, was walking by when she was in “I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW WHERE THIS ICON HAS GONE” mode. When she gets like that she speaks as if You (whoever she is nearest to at the time) are the person who has disturbed the tranquil fabric of her life by making this thing not so, or so (depending on the situation). It’s her way of dealing with a ‘crisis’ and I got roped into helping solve the mystery. I looked in the computer’s list of programs, found said program with the missing icon, was in fact, missing from the computer and offered up my hypothesis: The IT guys reghosted the computers and used an old image. I’m not basting the IT guys, it has happened a couple times before and it’s a plausible explanation as to why something that was supposed to be there isn’t.

Boss, though, is IN A MOOD and wants me to find the librarian in charge of the computers and get him down to the desk (or up if he happened to be in one of the lower floors) right now to solve the mystery of the missing icon. I went hither and thither and found the librarian at lunch. Poor librarian and that is why you go out of the building for lunch. You know what happened? Hey, they used an old ghost when they re-imaged the computers sometime late last year.

Not that I know from running a people oriented help desk BUT I would have handled things differently. First, I would have discovered that the computers did not have said program on them, made a note to myself that this is something that was wrong, told the patron that there was a slight mix up and sent him somewhere where there was a copy of the program (some of the restricted computers have the program on them…different ghost) and either e-mailed the computer librarian or called up IT and ask them what’s going on. This is why I am not a librarian and this is exactly how my boss and I think polarly opposite.

And what is IT doing with an old ghost anyway?

Things that are not crank related

FISH BOAT! Rob and Joanna took TheMan and I out for Japanese as a thanks for watching the rabbits. We went to Yatsuba (best place ever) and Rob got a bug up his butt about ordering the sushi chef special boat. We did and holy cow! OK, first of all, it’s hella expensive. TheMan and I wanted to pay for half because taking us out is one thing but “break the bank” boat is something completely and not acceptably different. Acceptable different? How about not acceptable and completely different? There I go, speaking the English again.

So, fish boat. This thing is huge and packed with all sorts of delicious stuff. I think it might change from boat to boat or chef to chef but we got California rolls (very yum), spicy tuna rolls (not my fave), some salmon and white fish slabs of meat on rice sushi (I forgot what they are called) and some chunks of fish like you might find in a chirashi dinner. Oh the fish! The chefs were all about the presentation too with the cut garnishes and the placing of the sushi and what not. Best of all, it was ALL good. There was even some pickled herring, which I greatly adore but was having a rough time getting my taste buds to accept it in line with the raw fish as well. Something about going from raw to pickled disturbed my sense of food stuff I guess. Long short, get one of these things if a bunch of you are out and craving sushi. Very worth the price.

DIABLO! Because there’s always Diablo. So yeah, we are still doing the Diablo thing here and there. Mostly we are working on a necro (Hi there! That would be my character) and an amazon (TheMan) duo and let me say, sometimes it aint pretty. I am finding that I just can’t keep the necro’s skill up to snuff; if the bone armor is holding, the summoned guys seem to get eated (I typoes that, but I like the looks of ‘eated’ rather than eaten. It pretty much describes what happens to all my minions in a fight) right quick. If I up the summoned guys, the one offensive spell starts not passing muster. When I up the offensive spell, the bone armor isn’t where it needs to be. I think the necro is at that awkward stage where the new stuff comes too fast to keep the old stuff on par with the bad guys. Either that or I need to narrow the focus of my character much tighter. It seemed to me the paladin went through the same thing at about the same level range and maybe the druid as well, although I designed the druid better at the start (decided to just nix all shape shifting all together and concentrate on spells and guys). So those are my necro blues.

On the plus side, since TheMan and I play together and have various different characters and duplicates of said characters, we tend to trade down the good stuff. Baby necro just got a boss stick or knife or something that gives him a plus one to ALL skills. Whoot. Add the two extra skill points we got from the last quest we did and I’m feeling that the necro is almost where I think the necro should be. Well, except maybe the bone armor could stand to be a little stronger…

JUST A FUNNY. TheMan and I went to eat Chinese the other day (did up a thing on the fortune cookies too) and we got a laugh out of their sign

“Open” on New Years Day.

You know, just in case you want to “eat”. Hee. Say it with little finger quotes, it’s a hoot.

Umm, yeah. OK, where was I? Carpet, “Open”, Fish Boat, Diablo…ahhh, bother. I have completely forgotten what I was going to say. Hrrmph. Oh well, no doubt-OH! The Friday Five for last Friday. Yup. Sucked. No really, it was all eggs. I was going to post it maybe Sunday or double this coming Friday but when I went to the site I saw:

1. …today?

2. …over the next week?

3. …this year?

4. …over the next five years?

5. …for the rest of your life?

And I said “WTF?!?” and then read the blurbit above the “…BLAH BLAH BLAH” that said ” What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .” and I said “Pffft, yeah. Eggs.” I’m not going to post it because how lame. EGGS!

Right then. I’m going to watch Stargate SG-1 and eat my dinner. Have a good Monday.

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