There’s Cheddar and Cheshire and Lancashire too,

Continuing the cheese thing with four new cheeses. Not that TheMan and I have any actual cheeses reviewing credentials but we both like cheese. A Lot. So why not, you know?

So far, TheMan and I have tried: Double Gloucester, Sage Derby, Raclette, Ossau-Iraty and Banon. You can find them under the first link above but the basic short on that was: Stilton yum! Double Gloucester eh. Raclette melty, Banon…meh, Osmosis-Irritable only memorable because we kept screwing up the name and Sage Darby is very sage-y.

Our next installment included Irish Cheddar, Leyden Cheese Dutch Gouda with Cumin Seeds, Ibores, and Manchego el Trigal. The short for that is Irish Cheddar is what Double Gloucester should have been. And yum. Layden [cheesey cheesey] was very savory and got double plus yum points from TheMan (and Sean-Whose-Name-is-Nate), I thought it was perhaps a bit too thumpy. Ibores bored us somewhat and Manchego el Trigal was dubbed “The Asiago for the easily offended”.

We recently got the chance to visit Whole Foos again and picked us up some more cheese!

Bruder Basil, a German cow cheese is from the Basil region I’m guessing because otherwise I guess the basil comes separately packaged. Does Germany have a Basil region? Anyway, this was a soft cheese, somewhere between brie and muenster in texture. It tasted like a 75/25 mix of Gouda and Cheddar and it was extremely smoky. Perhaps a bit too smoky. Don’t know as if we’d get it again but I don’t think I’d dis it if it showed up on a cheese tray somewhere.

Mimolette is just too much fun to say. MIMOLETTE! It’s a French cow cheese and is softer than a cheddar probably more on par with muenster. It tastes a little cheddary but also a bit Velveeta-y too. I like Velveeta but I think maybe I also just offended the French. To them I say, “Well, then don’t make a cheese taste like Government Processed Cheese food.” Tasty Government Processed Cheese Food may I add. This cheese was kinda mediocre to begin with but the more I ate the more I liked of it. I blame the Velveeta-yness.

St. Nectaire is also a French cow cheese and is also squishy. Like brie squishy except with character. We thought of it as Brie’s older streetwise brother complete with attitude. TheMan says it’s not as fungal tasting as brie and it’s a bit smoky. This was the penultimate winner of the night for we found…

Manchego Artisen. When we tasted the el Trigal version we were pretty underwhelmed but you artisan this puppy and you have a cheese! This was by far our favorite of the night and we would certainly put it on pur list of cheese to have again. It was a nice hard cheese with a good sort of Asiago type of bite to it. But not a bold Asiago flavor (that would be Asiago cheese itself). It’s like the starter Asiago cheese if you will. Tasty.

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