Plague Watch ’08

Every single year it seems around December I get the winter plague. I HETS IT! But you know what seems to crack the plague open good and drain it right out? Copious amounts of beer. As God (or supreme being of your choice. Or even Ninjas) is/are my witness one night of drinking and the plague backed the hell off my head.

Beer, it does a body good.

Friday the head wasn’t as plody as it was Thursday but I did have to wait until mid afternoon before I attempted to go out and procure some foodstuffs. I was very glad that I didn’t go to work since three hours of out and shopping knocked me on my hinder. I got a good deal on chicken breasts though and some other things. I think I went to two stores because the chicken was a Hiller’s thing (where I also got some Leelanau Kona roasted coffee) and the ice cream, which I also picked up, was a K-Roget’s thing. 10 for 10 babE! I was good, I only got 4.

I still need to get cracking down with the finances and wrestle the food budget into submission. It’s not bad but I think I can shave even more off the bill if I tracked everything in some sort of spread sheet. For instance, turkey at 59 cents a pound is a steal but what in general is a good deal on turkey? I do not know. I don’t like paying more than $5 for a fryer chicken but what is that in price per pound? No idea. I think I got a good deal on the fryer chicken I picked up even though it was $7. It was an unusually large chicken so $7 seemed about right. If I had some sort of food price matrix thing I would know right away what a good price versus a fair price versus LOOK IT’S ON SALE (for more than it usually is elsewhere). I hate getting caught in that last trap.

Anyway, Friday I spent most of the afternoon shopping, napping and making foods. I cooked up a lasagna, a spaghetti bake (and chicken for the bake), some squash and made up some coleslaw. I needed to have all the foods accounted for by Sunday when we went over to my sister’s place. I think I went to bed early and crashed like a dead thing.

Was there even Warcraft on Saturday? One of our core group players up and quit the game early last week so we are down to one tank. He’s a professor in real life and it’s exam season so he was off doing real life job stuff. I think maybe we did something. Who cares, not important, MOVING ON!

Saturday night we went out for Smithee Drinking Nite as it was November 36th (we go out on the odd months because the Smithee Awards are odd). It was also Shadow Art Fair and never again am I going to plan a Smithee Nite Out during Shadow Art Fair. ARRRGH! We were lucky and got a corner booth but the noise and the crown made me kinda stabbity. The beer, on the other hand, put the smack down on the head ache so that was a plus. We also had some random dude come up to the table, which I had festooned with the Smithee Awards messenger bag, and ask if we knew the Smithee Awards. Know them, we are them! Apparently he is a huge fan and we chatted a bit of this and that.

Sunday we slept in, TheMan flitted off to his business meeting and I made more food. Oh, I think we made food on Saturday as well. Whatever, we had a cooler of food and a roaster of Ali Baba chicken ready to go. We were still riddled with plague (the headache left but the coughing and sore throat surfaced with a vengeance. TheMan was still generally plague-y from earlier in the week as well) so it was going to be more of a drive by fooding. TheMan and I were not keen on being the plague aunt and uncle. We drove, we instructed (the chicken needed to be cooked) and then we zoomed home, but not before my sis came down stairs with Michener Everett Nefling. BAD SIS! PLAGUE BABY NO GOOD!

AArrrgh! We’ll see the baby next Sunday! On the other hand, I can confirm that Michener Everett Nefling isn’t ugly. I’m not sure he’s exactly “cute” because he was pretty much just hanging around all baby loaf but I assume when everything isn’t so ABSOLUTELY NEW he’ll be a little more entertaining and a little less lump of baby. He’s got a pretty good excuse; he was only six days old.

We drove home and crashed (in bed, not in car). The end.

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