A Moment of Silence

So I took the day off from writing yesterday in honor of my Sis’s birthday. OK, not really, we aren’t getting together until sometime later. Right then, I took it off because TheMan was sick and glorgy headed and he needed me to attend to his whims. Well, not really either as he had some sort of miracle recovery (and a massive spontaneous head draining. Why can’t *I* get those relief inducing all draining sinus moments when I’m all stuffy headed?) and was chipper and flitting about by the time I finished work yesterday. So, wait, I got it! I took it off because I was mega work busy and then cleaned the entire house top to bottom when I got home! Bwa! I slay me. No, I didn’t write because I didn’t really have anything I wanted to say badly enough to pen it down. Or type rather, but anyway, I was lazy and indifferent and just decided to let it go. Thus endeth a 49 day writing streak. To tell the truth, I’m kinda glad. I am a much more leisure person than an entry a day demands.

So today I have a couple of observations. First off, I had stuck in my head a Sesame Street song (I think) called Sing a Song. Or maybe just Sing? Anyway it goes:

Sing, Sing a song

Make it happy, make it strong

It doesn’t matter if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear

Just sing, sing a song.

La-la-le-la-la, La La-la-le-la-la, La-la-la La-le-la-la.

And that is the type of stuck in your head song that leads to mass homicide with a box opener. I was in the shower La-la-le-la-la-ing and going freeking nuts. TheMan, on the other hand, had a Resident’s tune stuck in his head about Santa dog, which he shared with me this morning. I have only heard it once and instead of “Santa Dog’s at Jesus’s feet I heard “Santa dog and Jesus fetus“. You can guess which version is stuck in my head now. Hey, it’s a Resident’s tune, it could very well be Santa Dog and Jesus Fetus, I don’t know from much Residents tunes. Lastly, I was reading WWDN and his new entry is entitled “Exit Wound in a Foreign Nation”. It’s battle of the songs in my head! Oh the PAIN! I’m going to be singing a happy song about Jesus Fetus with a gun perpendicular before the day is out. Mark my words.

The carpet cleaners came and did their “cleaning” magic. They were all about the Sub-1 common areas Tuesday night and Wednesday night they got to my office. After hooking up my computer one last time yesterday morning, I should be free of having to set up and tear down the thing for about a year when they will once again decide to “clean” the carpets. That’s a pity, I was getting really good at that.

Anyway, Thursday came with the fresh carpet clean and also a new printer. Sort of. See, they were pitching a fit about the old printer (HP 4si), which is about 10 years old to be fair, so the IT guys decided (Oooo! Miracle of miracles) to set up a spiffy newish printer for the Librarians. It’s one of those stand up HP models, 8100 I think? The old 4si was stuffed into my office for whatever reason AND it was hooked back up to the network. On the way over, about a 15 foot roll, the IT guy managed to leave a large black streak on the carpeting from the door of the Librarian’s office to the door of my office. So much for freshly cleaned carpets. One day!

My office now has my desk and cubicle, because I am one of the privileged few who get both an office AND a cubicle, another big assed desk, a 5 foot table with my network printer and a typewriter on it, a gargantuan recycle bin, a fax machine, 2 file cabinets, a book cart and three chairs and now a second network printer on a cart. The walking room is getting more and more limited as more stuff gets “stored” in my office. Pretty soon I expect to have to slalom into and out of my working space. I also find it very freaky living with two network printers. At least it’s warm in here.

And because there is always Diablo, here is your demon fix for today. We cracked out the Amazon and Druid (which I am not convinced is the best pairing) and tooled around some. Andy, my druid (see, DQ, TheMan and I have a set of adventuring characters named Andy, Buddy and Howie), might see some face time at the great Diablo-a-thon II tonight, but Andy is just into Nightmare while the other nightmare characters are on act II. (quick Diablo II explanation: The game is divided into “plays”: Normal, Nightmare and Hell, and each “play” is divided into “acts”: Rogue Encampment, Lut Golein, Kurast, Hell, Harrograth. Each play has six or so “scenes” which you have to complete before moving onwards) This would mean that there will have to be some back tracking to get Andy up to the same point as the other two. We shall see what happens.

Heh, quick side note about characters: TheMan and I have a couple of goofy pairs of characters: Torg and Zoe, Willow and Oz and the triplets Andy, Buddy and DQ’s Howie. TheMan also has a barbarian mule character named Schlep and I just created a necromancer storage character named Brighty. Get it? Mule? Brighty? Oh come ON! I thought about naming him Foundation_Two but I liked Brighty. (*sigh* Didn’t you guys ever read any Marguerite Henry when you were small? Oh for crying out loud!)

Diablo Break’s over, y’all can come back now.

I have decided that I am being haunted by ghosts of sorts. This morning I could distinctly smell an egg McMuffin or something like that and it was pervasive. It was like the fiche reader next to me had gone out for breakfast, except that I couldn’t find anyone who was eating anything, much less yummy breakfast food. Anywhere. Other people weren’t smelling it, despite the fact that I could just about taste grilled English muffin and cheese, which lead me to the realization that I am being haunted by breakfasts past. Anyone else ever get those phantom olfactories? Smell ghosts? Maybe my nose is on crack (or the inside smells like a breakfast sandwich) but I get these really strong out of place smells every once in a while. Hmmm. All I need is some Jacob Marley fruit cake to come rattling its chains at me. “What? Sorry Jacob Marley fruit cake, I was distracted by your brandy sauce smell. Three sandwiches what?”

Mmmmmm, brandy sauce.

OK then, back from my happy place (my mumses makes some MEAN brandy sauce y’all. Maybe I’ll ask for one of her rum cakes with brandy sauce for my birthday). Speaking of presents, I got this wicked idea for my sis for her birthday. It was, as I mentioned, Wednesday and I had been at a total loss as to what to get her. Christmas tapped me out for grand cool ideas and I like to get grand cool ideas for gifts. I even asked her what she wanted, trying to get a feel for anything and she was a huge help. “Oh, I dunno, dinner maybe?” Huh. So, I planned to spend a day making all sorts of tasty stuff, creating this wonderful and fun meal but then an idea struck me.

Actually, I sort of ran into it getting parts for another present. There were these things there and then I said “YES! this is what I’m getting for my sis!” and there you have it. Heh, I don’t know if she reads this but she might so I’ll have to keep mum. I will tell you what I got her last year, as I don’t think I ever mentioned that. It was her 30th, so I got her a tiny finger puppet sheep and a $10 gift certificate to her favoritest place ever (Vikkie’s secret) and wrapped it in baby paper with a card for a two year old. It signified her first decade. Then I found a slightly larger bean bag sheep and got her a $20 Gift Cert to the same place and packaged that all up in a back street boys bag with an obnoxious teenie card. Last, I found a larger stuffed sheep (sis has a thing for sheep) and got a $30 gift cert to VS and wrapped that up in “sorry you are old” paper for her last decade. Not her last-last decade, just the last one she has gone through.

Well, I’m beginning to babble. I’ll just hang up now and see you on the flip side. If the Friday Five update, I may post them, or save them for a quick Saturday entry. We have plans to hang with Mr. Paul tomorrow and do some sort of dinner thing, along with dropping off our cat house guest, Meow. The Sis and husband will be seeing my rents tomorrow and the Meow will finally be going home.

Last Year at the booniverse: Reveling in laziness, I posted nothing on this day last year. Must have been recovering from my Sis’s birthday. Yeah, that’s it!

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