Did I Totally Miss Pearl Harbor Day AND St. Nicholas Day?

Awww man, that’s just sucks. Sorry WWII dudes, sorry little cold feeted children in Germany.

The head cold progresses. I went in to work today, TheMan and LunarGeography did not. Fargin cold, now it’s gone and taken out LG! I made it through the day but just barely. The body decided it had had enough work by 11ish but they don’t pay you a full day to go home early so I stuck it out. Arcing Poptarts y’all. It wasn’t so bad but man I was stupid slow from about lunch onward.

I also ate a ton of those little candy cane Hershey Kiss bastards. Oh those are absolutely fine. There may not be any more of them in my candy jar as of 4:58pm today. I’ll have to go looking tomorrow and see if there are any stragglers. Yum.

I need to find something to cook up for my sis and her husband this weekend. I have 2 of 6 meals done (and frozen) and ideas for the rest of the days but I’m not sold on them all quite yet. For one thing, it’s all pretty heavily chickenated which makes me bored to even think about. I need to come up with pork something or a good veggy something. Sis doesn’t do fish and I don’t buy beef so I guess it’s chicken, pork or veggy. I did see some ground buffalo at Whole Foos which might be interesting…

This week begins PROCTOR WEEK so I’ll be doing my relief babysitting starting Wednesday. Expect some hand written goodness one of those days since I have to kill 20 minutes to a half hour some how. I also have my (one million still unfinished) crocheting projects to work on and a Chupacabra Stupid Looking Monster to design but I’ll treat y’all to at least one hand written post. I have 4 shifts of Proctor Breaking; at least one of them I can spend scribbling.

I hate the JSFR. OK, not really but I hate being perpetually behind. On the other hand, all my J-List snacks have arrived and several of them have been cracked into already so again, the pics and the actual writing are what’s holding up the project. I think I’m just going to ditch Lucky Market and go straight on into J-List snacks. Or maybe I’ll throw in a couple random snacks to represent Snacks That Just Sort Of Arrive At the JSFR. Or maybe I’ll just go home and take a nap and be three weeks late by Saturday. Damned cold.

OK, going to go crash for the night, see you tomorrow with hopefully more coherence.

2007: JSFR: Toppo (cassis mousse & orange liqueur)

2006: JSFR: Satsumaimo Pretz

2005: Have you ever tried to spell Good King What’s-his-face’s name? Oi! I can’t even say it correctly (comes out Whenshelsauce) much less spell it.

2004: Hee, Bob Newhart: Badass! That cracked my shit right the hell up, folks.

2003: They had best keep things like that because if Starbuck and Apollo jump in the sack, my brain is going to just outright pop.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Those Hershey Kisses rocked, big time. Each minty goodness, but in its own unique way.
    How the heck did Jeff and I not get sick? Maybe because we have pickled our insides with ABC beer??? Anyway, I hope you all feel better!

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