Guess what I did during my relief proctoring stints. Guess how much crocheting got done. Guess who didn’t do a hand written post today. WHEEE!

I had wanted to get this guy drawn in November but somehow I mis-wrangled November and it got away from me. I also didn’t get any of my crocheting projects done during the month of November either so I am quite behind. I do think it’s kinda funny that I’m still procrastinating the crocheting by drawing up the SLM for ’09. I have 3 blankets I’d like to finish up before the year runs out and that ain’t going to happen. Heck, two of them are practically done ish (maybe 60% and 85% done) and I’m not sure I can finish those two in the scant time left of ’08.

Did you know Christmas is two weeks away? TWO WEEKS! Krap time goes fast when you are old.

Anyway, so I at least finished one of the projects I wanted to get done before the year is up. I’m now ahead of the game in terms of Smithee prep because the quote buttons are chosen and printed out (but not yet punched or buttoned) and the hard button (i.e. the one I had to get off my duff and actually create) is created and just needs to be scanned, colored and cleaned up. Oh and also buttoned but that’s two of the four standard Smithee buttons done before the end of the year. That’s got to be a record.

We got an e-mail from ConBust asking about panels and such AND they have finally put up the 2009 site. It’s pretty rad but best of all, Smithee ’09 is starting to gear up for real. We also have another Smithee Surprise that I’m all geeked about (but not ready to divulge) which may or may not involve another sort of Smithee button and this year I am doing another Origins Special Buttoning. I love my Button Biz button maker because there are going to be a lot of lot of buttons happening in ’09 and that thing wrocks the buttoning house yo.

As far as Smithee Prep, it seems like I’m ahead of the game but then I think of all the stuff left to do:

Smithee Venue Buttons (easiest of the lot, truly. Just replace 2008 with 2009, print and go!)
Ninja Buttons –Design from the ground up (TheMan usually spearheads this one)
Punch out and button Quote buttons
Print up, punch out, button SLMs
SLM ’09 puppets
Ballot packs counted and stuffed for Origins
Special origins Giveaway button printed, punched, buttoned and stuffed. Oh yes, I’ma doing another Origins mass buttoning next year.
Send off MiniSmithee discs to the east coast
Get started on one of the MM4 monsters. Just to get ahead of the game.

Yeah…all of that isn’t going to get done by 2009 is it? No, I’m afraid not. I need to mail out the discs and I should probably set my goals to getting one of the button sets done. OH! I forgot that I need to get with Origins and figure out Buttons in the Breezeway. I relegate that to January.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Wait, MiniSmithee discs are being sent to the East Coast? Does that refer to us, or to the Sultan and Mr Smithee?

  2. Boo Says:

    That would be Mr. Smithee and the Sultan. They are more east than we are, but probably not technically “east coast”. Sorry that.

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