The End of The World and The Weekend

Hey there! Well, since I didn’t update this weekend, you know because I stopped doing the every day in a row thing and reverted back to my lazy self, I guess today is a weekend recap sort of day. It saves me from having to come up with something interesting to write about on Mondays when I’ve written all the good stuff down from the weekend ON the weekend. Heh!

Oh yeah, for those of you all jonseing for the Japanese Snack Food Review, do not despair (OK, that took me 4 tries to spell. That is just not right. I need more coffee (and a dictionary)). Wait, I’ve totally lost track of what I was going on about. Oh what the hell, have an extra ) just for kicks, I’m sure I’ll be short one somewhere down the road if I’m not already. Nesting parentheticals are your friend! So then, the Snack Food Review will be back up and running probably next Saturday for sure. I sort of lost the desire to eat sweetie snack food over the holidays. Can’t imagine why. Along those same lines, there was no Friday Five because there was no Friday Five. That one was not due to any lazy assing on my part so I’m safe there. Heh.

It took me two days to remember what the heck we did on Friday and that’s probably because we did a whole lot of not what we originally planned to do. Up until about 11am Friday, we had the Grand Diablo II-a-thon at Therck and Scott’s place all planned out and then…Scott’s job called him up on his day off and said “Yeah, you know about that day off thing? So sorry, you just got tapped for the evening shift. We’ll see you at 7 then!” which they are wont and oft to do all the time (of my friends who have jobs, his has perhaps the suckiest company to work for in terms of employee appreciation. Unless your definition of “appreciation” is to treat your staff like shit and yank them around just because you can, in which case his company is tops) so no fun grand Diabloing for us. TheMan and I did do a little bit of silly Diablo II playing just for funs.

We created an assassin/barbarian combo (named Robyn and Fred) and kicked mighty monster ass in honor of Bitchypoo’s birthday. Heh. That amused me to no end. Unfortunately, we stopped just before Fred the Barbarian got leap attack so there was no jumping on top of opponents and squishing them, which would have been the sahweeetness to top off the evening. DEATH FROM ABOVE! Besides, the barbarians always look and sound constipated when they go leaping and landing on things. Now THAT’s some serious amusement. Hey, I’ll help anyone with a little birthday fun, especially if I get a kick out of it. Besides, Diablo! There’s ALWAYS room for Diablo.

Saturday was packed with things and stuff that we did. The kids were testing on Sunday so both Monday and Saturday classes were at the dojo for the giant “before the test” practice and it was, of course, pandemonium. There were about 50ish kids in six different groups and about enough space for half of them. On the whole it went better than I thought it might, given eight of us were trying to wrangle 50ish kids on the day before their test. Also, for the record, my Monday kids on the whole looked much cleaner in their form than the Saturday kids. I was so proud of them.

After that, we moseyed over to Therck and Scott’s place for the Traveler game, which we haven’t played since August I think. Or was it October? Anyway, we were…doing something somewhere in the galaxy. Yup, it was that long ago. Eventually we got back on track and had a pretty good session. Therck is on a toffee perfecting/experimenting kick and had mint toffee for munching that she had whipped up. She makes it with margarine and although I can tell there is a difference, I can’t really say which way is better. The mint was a neat touch too. Mmmm, toffee. Baby D. hug out on her baby matt while we played and once again, I am amazed at the good naturedness of that kid. She had a few screeching fits because she has, evidently, discovered she has lungs and vocal chords and it amuses her to make these gigantic sounds but mostly she sat and happily burbled away.

After that, we were off to dinner with Mr. Paul (Mumses was visiting g’ma this past weekend), Meow in hand for the great cat hand off. Sis was supposed to pick said cat up on Sunday so Meow got to chill at the Mumses for a night. We had a good time despite the “who’s fixing dinner” mix up. OK, so I meant to inform all parties of TheMan’s and my grand plan to cook dinner for Mr. Paul but I guess I neglected to tell Mr. Paul of said plan. Hey, two of three people got the message, that’s really good in a baseball stat sort of way. Yeah, right. So anyway, Mr. Paul had made two batches of Chicken Sis (a dish he created for my sis’s birthday: Flatted chicken cooked in a skillet with sherry, cream, mushrooms and bacon. Mmmm, flatted chicken in cream sauce), one for Saturday and one for Sunday when the sis was coming over. It was, as usual, delish.

We sat around over coffee and BSed until midnight (re: TheMan and Mr. Paul found they had a lot in common and went about pointing out how they both suffered from contact with the women of boo heritage. I wished them both lots of evil. Hrumph!) and then came home. TheMan and I both decided we should do a Mr. Paul night more often because it was a lot of fun.

Errr, not that nights with mumses AND Mr. Paul aren’t fun (hi mum) but, you know, it was something different. Errr…yeah. Moving on.

Sunday was the big day for the Karate Kids. They decided to split them up into two groups (white belts and one tags for the first shift and two tags and up in the second shift) which worked like a charm. The biggest trouble we have during these things is the parents. There really isn’t a good viewing spot for the parents of 50ish kids and the past few exams have been utter parent chaos. Shoes everywhere, parents everywhere, coats everywhere and people squished in like a freshman’s first load of laundry. Oi. Splitting up the groups solved most of the problems (save the shoes) and I think everyone was much happier. We were running about 75% capacity so everyone got a seat plus there was room to move and take pictures. Bonus. We still need to figure out the whole shoe thing though, much chaos erupted when people arriving for the next testing tangled with the people leaving from the last testing and all everyone wanted to do is get their shoes off or on all at the same time. Still, it was a much smoother thing.

The test went well with only a couple of incidents. Of course, my favorite spazoid kid lost his shit in the middle of the exam and did his typically nutty WTF stuff but he managed to pull it together by the end. In fact, in a totally surprising move, he got all the oral questions dead right and spot on the first time. That never happens with him. That’s OK, he had a tough act to follow from the first group of kids, which included the brothers spaz. They spent almost the entire exam futzing with each other and had to be separated multiple times. At least the brother’s spaz’s mom understands their capacity to create havoc and has decided to split them up, one on Saturday and one on Monday. There is a god! I’m looking forward to kid’s class today because the day after a test is always a lot of fun. The kids are all excited about their new rank and we usually break out new material for them to work on.

After spending the afternoon at the dojo (on my feet playing traffic director for shoes, parents and kids) I came home and took a nap. Naps are good things and I did this one up right. Actually, I slept for longer than I had planned (three hours) but I still got some laundry, dishes and reading in. We also watched a Stargate episode from one of the boxed sets. I can’t believe my weekend went by so fast…wah! It was midnight and I was wondering where all the time went.

So there you have it, Diablo, Karate kids, Dinner with Mr. Paul, more Karate Kids, a nap, chores and TV. Oh the excitement!

If you happen to have any spare good thoughts, TheMan is well on his way to inadvertently destroying the world and could use some well wishes. It may have all started yesterday when the check engine light came on in the bug. Later, there was a mishap with a foot and a power adapter that resulted in TheMan’s powerbook launching itself onto the floor. This morning the fun just kept coming when the digital camera went leaping out the door to land on the porch steps. That’s not all, I guess things are not going smashingly (or maybe smashingly, depending on the meaning) at work so if the world ends in one giant electronic explosion, he is really sorry about that. Poor man.

Hey, I’d do a last year here but if you look closely at the main page there is already a “On This Day In…” on the side bar! It’s new! Errr…and apparently it does not show up when in full form so I guess I need to back link anyway. Awww foo, I thought I might have gotten out of some work.

Last Year at the booniverse: HA! No entry. Saved from having to look through the archives and do all that linking stuff. Put a Cheeto in my mouth!

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