Like Sands Through the Hourglass

…so are the thoughts in my mind, except not quite so organized. I am toasty toast today so there isn’t likely to be any big nation changing ideas coming from my head any time soon. Today is all about trying to fit 4inch ideas into a 3inch brain. A smooth 3inch brain at that.

I did the whole kid’s class thing yesterday and that was pretty fun. Typically we will do a question session right after an exam and the kids are usually all full of questions. Yesterday they were intensely curious about the belts, promotions, ranks and the like. Most of the questions were of that nature and then there were a few odd ball ones. My favorite was “What do the scrolls on the wall say?”


That one reads “To-a-bu-jitsu-do-jo”. Or maybe “To-abu-jit-su-do-jo”. I’m not too clear on the middle part there but the first character is To (east) and the last two characters are do (way) and jo (errrr…discipline? Art? Not sure on the translation but a Jo stick is a whacking stick so that’s the relation). The middle three characters are some amalgamation of abujitsu. It is basically the school’s name roughly translated into Japanese. The other two scrolls are “kara-te-do” and “ai-ki-do” (no pics, sorry). I don’t know why I know this, but I do.

The Little Chinese girl could read them as well. Or maybe better since I’m working on character recognition rather than actual content and she can read them read them. Zeff seemed a little surprised to which the little Chinese girl told him “Of course I can read them, I’m Chinese.” (like..Duhhh! or something) It turns out that she can read them but had a great deal of difficulty translating. It was interesting watching her face as she came to the realization that she could read them but couldn’t relate what they said outside of the language in which they were written. (For those of you who may be confused, a great deal of Japanese characters are the same and have the same meaning in Chinese. As I understand it, the base words in Japanese are Chinese but then the Japanese added on to their language as they saw fit. Then again, I could be totally believing everything I read on the internet so…)

After kids class I worked out on my material I need to know for my belt, then went to class and worked out more on material I need to know for my belt and was one limp soppy tired thing by the time I got out of there. Sore too, I was practicing with the other rokokyu and Zeff and I managed to get my forearm all bruised up (always happens when I’m blocking kicks), my butt bruised up from the “step to the side and kick your partner’s ass” technique and the top of my foot good and bruised, which I thoroughly with a resounding WHACK smacked into Zeff’s heel (trying to kick him in the ass. Timing, it’s all about timing I am coming to realize). Having practiced on the wood for about 40 minutes, the bottoms of my feet are all bruised too. I’m one giant hematoma. Still, it felt really good to get out there and work on my karate stuff and work out in general, despite the fact that I really want to curl back up under the covers and sleep for another day or two. Nap=good.

The other exciting thing that happened to me was that I found a piece of broken bottle bit while doing laundry last night. With my foot. I blame the socks. I probably wouldn’t have been in such a sticky (hee! I slay me) situation if I hadn’t thrown my socks into the wash and then gone prancing to the stairs to get my gi. Hey, maybe I should blame my gi, I’m mad at it anyway because it shrunk. It did too! Anyhow, on the tromp over I stepped on something that I assumed was kitty litter until I stepped down again on the same foot. Not kitty litter. The second hop onto the shard sent it about i/4 inch into my foot where it stuck. Ew. And also ow. Bled like a spring deluge too. The weird thing is that it doesn’t hurt as much as the rest of my bruised up foot.

Clothes make the man. Or woman. Or in my case, clothes just make me both cozy and pissed off. I managed to drop part of breakfast on my just washed jeans yesterday, and after spot cleaning, I dropped salad dressing and soup on them. I give up. I might as well shove everything into the laundry after wearing it for one meal. It’s not like doing that would increase the mound of laundry appreciably from it’s Everest sized proportions. Why is it that laundry can get out of hand so fast? Not only that but I wore my freshly washed buffalo mitts Monday and managed to slosh cappuccino all over them before I even got into work. Maybe I’m having one of those weeks.

On the plus side, I now have my buffalo mitts, my buffalo scarf and my super toasty hat (and a raging case of hat hair) in the clothes rotation and I am set. I’m still wearing sandals mind you but with socks and then fat socks. It’s actually quite warm providing the outer socks don’t get wet. I’m all set for the evil weather. In fact, I was so all set that it warmed up on me Monday and I about burst into flame. Fortunately the temperature is going back down so all my warm preparedness will be back in line with what’s going on outside. I’m all about the toasty outside traveling.

I need to get my truck washed before the 26th so I can haul stuff to Mon Jin Lao. It would be nice if it warmed up at least one day between now and then so I don’t have to deal with trucksicle. The cap is currently off, due to a Jacuzzi moving and I decided to keep it off to much out the festering stink that has taken residence in the back. The truck really needs a good scrubbing. It also needs an oil change. The last time I got it changed was in November. I’m not saying what year.

I also need a hair cut. I called the hair peoples for an appointment so hopefully I’ll be back to manageable head by the end of the week. I tell you, I am getting a righteous pillowhawk in the mornings now. F33r my l337 sl33ping ski11Z! Between the hawk and the hat hair I am the beauty no? Oi.

Fooooooooood coma. Nuff said.

I hate that my office has a giant window that overlooks the copiers so when people decide they must copy the whole collection they sit and stare at me. Then something goes wrong and you want to know the first person they come and ask their stupid questions too? Hey, what about that person I have been eyeballing for the past 4000 pages I have been copying? THEY look like they know everything about copy machines! I’ll ask them!

I need a sign that says

No. I don’t have change.

Circulation is in charge of the copiers.

Circulation is on the second floor.

You can get copy cards from the convenient machine labeled “Copy Cards”

No. Still no change.

You know, the information desk is just right around the corner, why don’t you move your lazy ass over there and ask them for information? See how that works? Information desk…information? See how this doesn’t work; My office…information? Right. No, sorry, still no change for a $20.

TheMan and I had lunch today and I had way too much to eat. All I wanted was a small salad and a cup o’ soup. What I got was an entire field of greens and a lake of chowder. I need to be more careful in my ordering I think. It was good even though I had to leave about a quarter of the salad and half of the chowder for fear of sudden explosive me parts. It was a lot of food. I think I’m going to go see if I can’t find a nap somewhere. Ugh.

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