Have Yourself a Zmobie Booniversary

To celebrate, the Zombies crack into a 10 for $10 ice cream.

It all started off with the leak in the Zombie bag. They’ve been riding around in my coat pocket all season and not doing much of anything else. Poor zombies. Then a short bit back, I reached in to my pocket to get keys or chapstick or whatever and lo! I dredged up a zombie. It took them most of the fall and the winter so far but they’ve managed to chew a hole in their Ziplock containment field. Look out world, they are free and shambling!

They are also quite put out that Christmas isn’t up yet. They were so looking forward to the yearly molesting of the ornaments.

At least they get to help with making dinner. Sadly, brains are not on the menu but a Zombie can dream.

They are not so fond of cleaning up afterwards.


After dinner, the Zombies like to sit back, digest and surf the web a little. Maybe log into their dot mac account and see if they have any e-mails.

They do not get to surf long, however, because Christmas is right around the corner and they haven’t yet gotten all their Christmas presents in a row. Have you ever seen a Zombie crochet? This blanket’s for 2012 but they still have to get a wiggle on if they want it done by then.

Should the Zombies watch a Smithee movie while crocheting? Hmmm….

The blogaversary falls on a school night this year so the Zombies pack up their projects and head off to bed, visions of sugar-brains dancing in their heads.

2007: He’s on the ‘more’ side of more or less OK but guess what he has today? A bruise bigger than George Washington’s head. The dollar bill George Washington.

2006: The Little Kitty, she loves her some curling ribbon and hopped her little cat butt on top of the table (BAD KITTY!) to attack the prezzies.

2005: JSFR: Mr. Brown Iced Coffee

2004: Not updating in a timely fashion bothers the Zobmies.

2003: I find that I routinely type faster than Word can keep up. If you have ever seen me type, you would know that this is a sad sad fact.

2002: Bruises bigger than George Washington’s Head! Ouch.

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