Halfway There and Still no Decorations

Holey Moley people, it’s half way through December already and there is NO CHRISTMAS CHEER at all in the Q house. I did get the Christmas box out about a week ago and I put the Halloween decorations away at the same time (which was really easy because a whole bunch of them never got out) but things just stopped at that. I haven’t even put the Halloween box away because packing the decorations up and then stashing the box is some sort of two step process I am apparently not ready to deal with. Or something. I need to decorate this week or not at all and how sad would that be? Very! I needs my X-Mas shinies!

This was, besides the lack of Christmas decorating or JSF writing, one of the best weekends yet. All day Friday at work I was convinced it was Thursday so when I got out and didn’t have to come back the next day it felt like I was getting a 4 day work week. WHOOO! Weeks normally go the other way when I get all chronologically challenged so it feels like Friday on Thursday and then I do have to come in the next day and the next thing you know I’ve worked a six day work week. Or at least it feels it. Ugh. Not this week though, wrock.

Friday night I got an impromptu invite to a MST3K meet and I thought, “Eh, why not.” I like me some MST3K and I was feeling social. It was an awesome time and I got to see the Petaluma Chicken although I still don’t know why Cathy doesn’t eat breakfast. I think it’s because a bunch of women do synchronized calisthenics in the giant omelet pot. The main feature was a Mexican children’s movie called “Santa Claus” in which Santa lives in outer space, had creepy laughing animatronic reindeer and is being thwarted by the devil. Oh, and helped by his pal Merlin. Yes, THE Merlin. Christmas in Mexico is weird.

By the time we got home I was convinced it was Saturday going on to Sunday so I got a 3 day weekend as well. WROCKZ0R! Saturday, the real Saturday, we did some Warcrafty stuff as usual and blew through a new instance. Zoom! Then it was chili party time at Mark-Matt’s place complete with homemade DQ pie. It was apple, not DQ flavored, but daaaaaang can that woman make pie. We played some Chrononauts in which I did not win but had a bunch of fun messing up time lines. Maybe that’s why I never win that game. Hmmmm…

Sunday we layzyied around for a bit, boogered around on Warcraft a bit and then TheMan went to his meeting while I went shopping for Sis, BroIL and Michener Everett Nefling. We zoomed back home to cook up the pepper bread and I took the opportunity to rake the front lawn. Yeah, we didn’t get around to it before the snows and since it was pretty mild I figured that I ought to at least take a stab at it. Also, I used the leaves to mulch my roses and put them to bed for the winter. Hadn’t so much gotten around to that either so I guess I got a double bonus accomplishment. I also got a blister. Wah.

We went over to feed the Sis and BroIL, took up binkie duty for Michener Everett Nefling for a round or two (did you know binkies have a right way up and a wrong way up? Did you also know that babies look hysterical sucking their binkies when they are upsidown? Hee!) and then zoomed home and collapsed.

2007: JSFR: Meltykiss (framboise)

2006: I do feel pretty bad-ass with my 1337 new scanner & PDFing skills. Ph33r M3!

2005: While string beans may be very tasty, and indeed they are, and candy cane chocolate chip cookie doodads may also be very tasty, and THEY are, mixing the two is pretty vile. I’m just sayin.

2004: Of course I was way too lazy to make it last night so instead I measured out all the ingredients, mixed what I could and left it all out (save the eggs) to pick up first thing in the morning. Yup, I’m that lazy.

2003: “Hi, my name is boo and I can’t let unwrapped Christmas gifts lie.”

2002: No decorating or posting in the old days.

3 Responses to “Halfway There and Still no Decorations”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I was so bummed to miss the Meet Up…my stupid cat allergies! Ick.

  2. boo Says:

    Does this mean you can never go to a meet up there?

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    It depends on how the allergies are doing that day. On Friday, they were awful for some reason. Other days have been fine.
    I know that it’s more important to cure life threatening diseases but I REALLY wish they’d cure allergies. Then I could also have an I can has cheezburger? cat like you! 🙂

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