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Today I’m boosting the numbers to the pitifully thin “links and memes” category. I know, the halfway point of December is barely receding in the distance and here I am pulling an internet meme thing. Not only that (mom) but it’s a geeky gamer internet meme thing. What can I say? 31 days of December minus JSFR weekends still leaves me scrabbling for stuff now and then.

On Dice

Do you re-roll cocked dice? Yup. I like there to be no question about what number it was that I rolled. I’m not sure I used to but then I gamed with someone who would cheat the dice any chance they got unless you called them on it. THAT got tiresome fast and I decided that I never wanted to be *that* gamer.

Do you re-roll floor dice? Yup. Rolling dice on the floor annoys me and if the dice are on the floor then they have strayed from my “designated rolling surface” and are out of bounds.

Do you roll where everyone can see it? I try to. Hence why I don’t count floor dice.

Do you feel betrayed by your dice when they roll poorly? Doesn’t everyone? They have it out for you, you know. Trust a set of dice because they start rolling well and then BAMN! 1s all the way. Unless you are playing GURPs, then 6s.

Do you have a favorite die? What is it? I am unclear if this is “configuration of die” or set/make of die because the same question is posed below. I’ll go with “configuration of die” here and say not really. I like how round and fun 20 siders are but they can be a pain to play with because they can get to rolling something fierce. 4 siders amuse me but hurt a lot when you find them on the floor in the middle of the night and are also the hardest to read. 10 siders are a decent mix of fun round and stable rolling and of course 6 siders are the best to build small castles and forts out of.

Do you have different dice for different functions? I think so? A lot of RPGs have different dice you roll for different things. Unless this question is asking if I have different of the same type of dice for different functions. Maybe sort of? TheMan and I tend to have a set for each game we’re in…mostly because each game has different dice to roll and we are too lazy to continually shuffle the dice around and just keep a full set for each game handy.

Do you have different dice for different games? Yeah. Answered that above actually.

Do you have more of a single type of die than the others? What is it? 6 siders! I think. We used to use 6 siders to mark the positions of the NPCs so I had several bricks of different colors and different sizes.

Plus the Parcheesi dice.

Do you have FUDGE dice? I do but I’ve never used them.

Do you have scatter dice? We might if TheMan has a set.

Do you let other people touch your dice? Yup.

Do you have dice superstitions? What are they? Ehhhh…if I do they aren’t fanatic ones.

Do you buy more dice even though you don’t need them? Ummm duhhh? SHINY!

What your favorite die? As far as sets/type? I really like my set of “ugly” dice a lot because they are god awful ugly.

I think they were made from the leftover remnants of those ‘fire’, ‘earth’, ‘camoflage’ dice from back when. The look a lot more like those big composite crayon chunks that they had back in kindergarten.

I also like the teeny tiny set of D&D dice and of course the Parcheesi dice.

If you were to put custom symbols on a die what would they be? They would be regular symbols but the paint would be glow in the dark. They might make dice like that anyway, I haven’t checked.

Do you have dice made of anything particularly different than normal? What? We have squeaky rubber dice and an electronic die with one face and 6 LEDs that “roll” when you smack it. We also have several sets of dice in dice. I think these are GURPs dice in dice.

What do you keep your dice in? The main collection lives in a crystal candy/potpourri dish we got for a wedding gift.

There are also a couple rogue sets living in a small leather drawstring case, a Penguin mint box and in one of those clear brick boxes sets come in.

Do you have more than one dice container? See above.

Do you keep dice in your pocket? Your glovebox? Your workplace? No. No. No.

If you have a partner that games, do you have separate dice? Most of the time yes. We aren’t guaranteed to be always sitting by one another but if we do, we tend to mooch off the other person’s set if needed.

Do you have any of the first dice you bought or received? Yup. I have a complete set of ‘soapbox’ dice from my very first beginner’s D&D and Advanced D&D set. It’s an odd amalgamation of the two sets from each…somehow I managed to lose the 8 sider from the dark blue set and everything else but the 8 sider from the light blue set.

I also still have my first set of crystal dice.

Do you play certain games just because they have you roll lots of dice? No, not really.

Do you love your dice? How much? Heh…no. I am fond of them yes but I would only be mildly bummed if the aliens beamed them all away tomorrow and made me collect a whole new stash.

I’d even pay the aliens to take these dice. Hate.

Just in case you were wondering what the heck I am going on about “Parcheesi dice”, the die on the left is a bona fide Parcheesi die from an actual Parcheesi game. The one on the right is a generic white die from some random brick of dice. Oddly, the Parcheesi dice really do look kind of out of focus, probably because they are the oldest set of dice I have. I stole them out of the Parcheesi game of my extreme youth (sorry mom).

2007: Also, there are only two work days plus two weekend days plus a day until Christmas!!!! Big ball of *squeee*, except I don’t yet have all my Christmas stuff done.

2006: And this whole “December Challenge” thing. Who thought THAT up?

2005: Which, if you think about it, is a logical progression because you certainly don’t want sash puke inside the house.

2004: JSFR: Chuel

2003: I just realized that I put the words “bored” and “colors” in the same sentence. Y’all are doomed.

2002: Also, for the record, I always made the Palm Tree stand in the back.

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