Tinkerbell’s Day Job

Magic cat wants to show you his awesome trick!

I started out the day today with a weird set of dreams. I don’t remember any of the specifics but what I do remember is that they were all about fantastical magical creatures like faeries or pixies or what-have-you. Except instead of having fun dreams about the awesomeness of magical faerie powers, each dream focused on the mundane minutia of the magical creature’s life. Did I get to see a brownie use his/her brownie powers? No, I dreamt about brownies doing dishes. By hand. No pixie dust. What is the point of dreaming of magical fantastical creatures if all they are going to be doing is mowing the lawn or dusting the furniture?

Other than stupid pixie dreams, today went fair to middling. It was uncharacteristically warm (not, like, Miami warm but somewhere nicely above freezing for a Michigan winter) and then it dropped a good 20 degrees throughout the day. This made the commute home extra happy fun since the warm melted the previous snow and then froze it over again. To top it all off, we had a good dusting of fresh snow too. Wheeeee!

It took us two hours to get home because of one long hill that was completely iced down. We got to see a car carrier inch along at 5 miles an hour and we also discovered which tires are the drive tires on a semi. Those would be the ones that were slipping and spinning furiously as the whole loaded down rig inched along. There was also a poor full-sized truck which sat through 4 or 5 light changes trying to go anywhere but backwards. It really sucks when stupid people get all up in your snow grill and cause you to have to stop the car. Once you lose momentum on a hill like that, it’s all over.

Fortunately, we were taking LunarGeography back home so there were three of us in the bug and we were right by a corner store that hadn’t been slicked down to impossible to drive on. I got out to give the poor Beetle a bit of a shove and zoom! We slip slid into the parking lot and were off on our way. Poor car was sooooo close to being able to make the hill on its own save for the one dumbass that came right up behind us and cut off our slide margin of error. We had to break and that was all she wrote for being able to make it through the light. On the plus side, it was super easy to manhandle the car off the road and into the parking lot since it was allllllmost able to drive on the ice anyway. I hope the stupid buttmunch who inched right up on our tail was caught at that light for an hour or so. And I also hope all the stupids who blasted up BETWEEN SLIDING CARS fell off the road somewhere to the tune of massive collateral damage to their vehicles.

I’d make a decent vengeance faerie I think. Except that I don’t do dishes really well.

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2006: JSFR: Hot-Kid Honey Ball Cookies

2005: The moon was also out hanging around and the whole drive looked like a really pretty Christmas card. It didn’t drive much like a Christmas card though, yow. Slickery.

2004: Pushing the update to another day.

2003: So, basically, from the Earth end, these people have already become mush with the universe while at the people’s end the gate is still about five steps away. Freaky.

2002: I did do all the dishes and nearly all the laundry, wrapped the remaining Christmas Presents, went shopping (at 9:30 in the morning, thankyouverymuch) and ran another load of stuff over to TheMan’s friends house so I’m not feeling too bad about accomplishments.

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