Goram Snow Drivers

Little Kitty does not approve of stupid snow drivers.

Do you know what is awesome about today? Backlinking is made even easier because the first page of Decembers past starts with December 17th. Three woots for not having to go to page two anymore to get the previous posts.

What is not awesome are people driving like morons on the snow. Am I turning into an old fart or are people driving much worse these days? I can not believe the number of people who are driving too fast or too close (sometimes both) and/or blowing through lights because they can’t be arsed to stop. I’m not saying that they should slam on the breaks and skid through the intersection but they could maybe put forth a little effort to drive slower and try to stop. So many people are just “Whatever, I’ve got places to go and don’t want to stop for that yellow light up in the distance so I’m not going to.” These days are not the driving conditions for that, people!

If I get rear ended by some idiot who can’t keep a good snow distance someone’s going to lose a face. No matter how cautious a driver you are and how much you respect the road conditions in this weather, all it takes is some whooyaw on their cell phone or in a 4×4 going too fast and BLAMMO! Arrrgh! We’ve had a couple close calls already and it’s only the second good slick snow of the season. The Giant Ants need to hurry up with transporter technology if people are going to continue to get stupider about driving.

The snow did make for some awesome pretty scenery but alas. I forgot to pack up the camera today. I will try to remember it tomorrow and hope the pretties stay around a bit longer. I can also hope that the ugly snow drivers all end up in a ditch somewhere on top of each other in a nice neat little stacking of driving suckery. It would be an extra awesome seasonal present if every one of them on a cell phone suddenly had said phone lodged up an orifice (any one will do, I imagine pretty much all orifices are not well equipped to have a cell phone jammed up them).

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2 Responses to “Goram Snow Drivers”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I can has sweater drawer?
    I can shove cell phone up the butt of stupid driver?

  2. Boo Says:

    Oh man, the sweater drawer is not nearly as comfy as the sock drawer so I’d say stick with the socks. Mostly because the sweaters live in one of those storage bags under the bed and the sock drawer is over the heating vent. Yes, I have an entire drawer dedicated to socks…where else is my Little Kitty supposed to nap?

    You can do whatever you want with the cell phones. I know nothing, I hear nothing! They can’t prove it in a court of law! 🙂

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