Snowday Picto Post

The year has turned and now the Christmas Ornaments are festively seasonal once more.

The silver, red and blue balls are joined by two gold balls this holiday. Perhaps I never noticed that this tree grows a new color Christmas ball each year.

Nobody is having lunch outside today.

These stone block deelies had a much more picturesque snow hat yesterday but no icicles. Today the hat has melted a bit but in turn, so has the snow on the roof. It’s pretty either way.

I never noticed this oddness until I was walking around looking for pretty pics. According to lore, Hutchens Hall was made in all one swoop so there shouldn’t be a joint where it looks like they slapped part of another building onto an existing building. Unless this is some weird and poorly done renovation I am not familiar with, the original building was built over itself. That’s really strange.

I wonder if there were or are bells in these towers. Or lights. Or something. What is up there in the tower spaces?

Tree. The one thing I love about these buildings is that they provide an awesome backdrop. Seriously, how could this pic not be cool with all those stone fiddly-bits and giant stained glass windows?

Although sometimes the subject of a cool pic isn’t so grand. I just liked the way the snow sluffed around this drain. Yesterday each little drain spoke had a snow hat which looked even cooler than it does here. Alas, the warm caused the hats to all melt, save the top one. Just imagine this pic but add about ten times more awesome.

On the other hand, this pic didn’t need much more than light to make it awesome. Someday I am going to bring in a tripod and catch the Reading Room in the dark. You can see the windows glow a little bit here but when it’s full on dark they are mighty awesome to behold.

2007: My boss boss did bring in her world famous buckeyes…not that I really need more candy. They were really, really good though.

2006: Momma Webster knows from rum balls too. MmmmmMMmmm.

2005: JSFR: Grass Jelly Drink

2004: JSFR: Harvest Sesame

2003: Totally not related but part of the story, I’ll move away from rocks of indeterminate size being flung through space to the pre show festivities.

2002: Oyster stew! Blech. Hmmm, this must be national food ranting day.

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