A Date With Your Family

I was going to chronicle the whole wedding thing in one post with the above title but I forgot I was going to use this title and the other title came to my head and it was very funny, or it at least made me giggle a lot so I had to use it and then in the middle of writing I remembered the first title so I decided to only write about Friday.


And that was all one sentence, thankyouverymuch.

This weekend was a very get with bits of fam oriented affair. As I already wrote yesterday, Mumses is no longer a Mumses B. That leaves just my dad and the Antichrist (although I’m not sure if the Antichrist actually changed her name or not. Probably, she wouldn’t want my dad to have something that she wasn’t sharing in. Oooo, was that my outer voice?) in my immediate family with the B surname and you know what? They can have it. I’m a Q, Sis is a C and mumses makes fish, apparently.

Well, she DID marry Mr. Paul. I’m just saying.

Friday afternoon TheMan and I returned and took a much needed snooze. He was sick Thursday night with…errr…well shivers, sweats and brumble gut (which is worse than rumble gut by a factor of bad), whatever sort of sickness that might have been, but he was feeling a lot better Friday morning. Still, naps are good things if you are sick or if you are living in close association with sick. Both fit our bill so nap we did. Mmmm, nap.

Later, DQ ambled over with her computer and we did a Diablo II playing, Stargate SG-1 watching, pasty eating fest that lasted until after 1am. We got her druid up to nightmare level but first, of course, we had to go to the secret cow level. I LOVE the secret cow level. MOO! See, for those of you who have not gotten to the cow level, you do this and that and BAMN, a portal to the “Secret Cow Level” opens up (and yes, the portal is actually designated “Secret Cow Level”). In the secret cow level there are…cows. Except they are all evil cows who stand around on hind legs (well, how else are you going to move AND wield the super duper two handed cow axe of chopping doom? Sheesh!) talking to each other in social homicidal cow groups until the characters get close enough to trigger them. Then, it’s all MOO! MOOMOOMOO! MOO!

And the best part? All the mooing is sound bites from the programmers or what have you saying “Moo” in various ways. There is the social “Moo. MooMoo. Moo Moo” of the cows standing around, the angry “MOO! MOOMOO!” of blood thirsty cows and the uber hilarious “Moooooo” death rattle. I need to grab some sound bites of these.

Saturday came way too soon. We were supposed to putter over to Rob’s in order to be guinea pigs for his experimental waffles and we did…just a bit later than we intended. Hey, waffles make a darned fine lunch too. Rob was intensely disgusted with his new waffle mix but the rest of us rather liked the crisp light texture. The flavor could have done with a boost, but a good hwoofa of cinnamon will cure that problem next time. We also found that Rob’s real maple syrup had evolved so we were stuck with commercial brand syrup. All in all, not the best sort of breakfast fun, but then again we did sign up for guinea pig duty and sometimes experiments go awry. Or learn to vote, in the case of the syrup. Yikes! Afterwards, Rob kicked all or collective asses in Muppetmonopoly. Bastard. We even cheated. I don’t recommend playing any sort of opoly with Rob, he is really good (or unnaturally lucky. Hard to tell). Well, unless you like having a rail road and one property while he is putting hotels on one of his three monopolies.

Alas, we never did finish the bitter end of the “watch Rob take over the world”opoly as we had to head to the Mumses for dinner. Mumses, Mr. Paul, Sis and husband, TheMan and I and Mr. Paul’s rents were going to go out to the Blue Martini or Margarita or Marmoset or Blue Something-or other-that-was-either-a-drink-or-something-beginning-in-M-or-both but an earlier scouting mission nixed that idea. I guess in theory the Blue M(awhaegfbqbab) was a tad more run down than it’s former glory days image let on. Sad that, I know a couple of places that are just sort of living off of their past days as THE place to be. So we went to the local Greek place instead. It was damned fine, even counting the fact that I couldn’t seem to find a dish that was just cheese ravioli in red sauce anywhere. I was in a cheese ravioli in red sauce mood. I wound up with chicken tortellini in red sauce and that was fine. They are sort of like ravioli but donut shaped. Hey, it counts!

Then, of course, we went back and jabbered for hours. All events end with jabbering for hours at the mumses place. And coffee. And maybe a dessert, but definitely more coffee. And maybe some after dinner drink. Or two. There is a whole ritual to getting ready to leave at the mumses it seems. It starts with the vague notion somewhere after dinner during the second or third hour of chatting that you ought to think about getting ready to leave. Then the coffee brewing starts up and yeah, a cup of coffee for the road might be nice. Then, maybe some Courvoisier or scotch or amaretto wanders its way into a small liquor glass…just to go with the coffee. Then of course there is the hour or so of conversation over coffee and drinks. Then another cup of coffee. And you can’t just chug and go so there is more jabber-jabber and hey, M&Ms would be just the thing to munch on with this last cup of coffee. Suddenly, it’s about midnight and you realized you started this whole process at about 8 or so.

We missed church on Sunday. I was also feeling a bit ill (and no after dinner drinks this time, but there were M&Ms. Mmmm, M&Ms) for which I blame TheMan. Sometime around three I was feeling a smidge better so I thought I might as well head out with TheMan to Donald’s place for a Sunday of board games. We met Badmovie, Lunargeography and Bubbles and had us a really fun time playing Deadwood and Cults Across America. In about an hour and a half we got through almost two turns of Cults Across America. It’s one complicated game. My favorite part was being in control of the pope and wheeling him around the US in a “satanic shopping cart”. What’s more fun than that? I’d like to play the game again and after I’ve taken a thorough look see at the rules. Oi!

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