Guess What?

They say it’s my BIRTHDAY!

Yup, it’s my birthday and I’m pimping it to anyone who will listen. I’m also a pretty cool age this year: 33. Double digits rule. Ages that have numerous factors are pretty keen too, I was happy about being 32 because it has, maybe a gazillion factors…plus it’s 2 to the 5th. Don’t get much neater than that. 31 and 29 had their own thing going, being prime numbers both, and the older I get the fewer and further between that’s going to be. I have to wait until 37 for the next prime. 30 was nice too because it was one of those round numbers and was divisible by both 5 AND 10 (and 2 and 15 and 3 and 6…oh yeah, 1 and 30 while I am at it). I think I am a number freak, I look forward to being some sort of age because it has some sort of cool math thing associated with it. Well, except 28. For whatever reason 28 was a very “meh” number. No prime, no 5 or 10 factor, no significant power and not a lot of factors. *shrug*

So the plans for today include eating. Oh and eating, and more eating. And after that, eating. Sis was all “Umm, so your birthday is all about food???” and I had to say a resounding YES! But not any food, today I want to do food that makes me happy. This morning’s plan was to stop in at Starbucks and have cinnamon spice mochas and scones. However, I had made some pretty decent scones yesterday and we have some awesome coffee and hot chocolate mix (Ghiridelli double dark chocolate mix of doom. I dare you to fine a more tasty cocoa mix that is also legal. There is none finer!) so TheMan suggested breakfast in. That actually did not sound too bad because yikes does Starbuck’s base coffee blow. Oddly enough, they make a mean sweetie drink but I think that just covers up the horrid burnt coffee they serve. We got a pack of Highlander Grogg up in da U.P. over Christmas and it is light years better that crispy coffee, plus I don’t expect Starbucks uses Ghiridelli cocoa so there’s more tasty for you. And it was GOOD! The best part was while a trip to Starbucks would cost us $11, our home made goodness cost us all of $3 in supplies. We gotta learn to eat at home more!

I also made cookies to share with everyone. I sent in baggies to the guys at TheMan’s office (and he took the rest of the coffee in as well) and they all thought that was tops. I also packed up a bunch of cookies for the crew here and they have tasted them and dubbed then great. Yesterday I was the baking goddess evidently. Go me, I like baking (which is why I brought cookies in on my own birthday…I told you I was doing things that made me feel good today). There are other treats too from my coworkers that are just waiting to be consumed. Mmmm! Later, mumses is going to take me out to lunch and TheMan and I have reservations at what may be our favorite good restaurant. I have been looking forward to this day for quite a while. It’s all about ME today!

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