I’m Thinking of Something…

It’s come to that point in time of the day where my physical energy begins to dissipate while my mental energy yawns, stretches and looks around curiously. I think all sorts of thoughts about stuff, maybe not particularly deep thoughts about profound stuff but little eddies of amusements that make me smile or go “huh” for a moment. Then they are gone in the bow wake of another thought about stuff. Right now, there’s nothing remotely profound rattling around in my brain, just a list of things I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking about my poor hair. I’m getting shaggy (for me) and my strange little front and center cowlick is starting to dictate my hair style. When my hair is short the little fella behaves and I can do what I please with my hair. The moment my hair gets longish I get this crazy whoop-die of hair that pretty much guarantees I wear my hair in one style (one style only, Pricilli) or look like a total freak goon. That and the rampaging pillow-hawk and hat hair told me that it’s time to cut, and I did my best to comply. The first appointment? Wednesday of the big snow. My second appointment? Yesterday BUT I got a call early in the morning that my hair dresser had a family emergency. My next attempt will be Thursday, barring some other catastrophic something or other that comes up. The bad part is that people have been commenting lately on how they love that I’m letting my hair grow out. Le sigh.

I’m thinking about jewelry. I passed one of the jewelry shops up town and I paused to take a peek in the window. They had some interesting stuff but it was either just this shy of cool or I’m in a meh sort of jewelry mood because while there was sparkle and color nothing really said “Boooooooo….buyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeee”. In fact, nothing really said “If I had a lot of extra money hanging out and I had already bought SG-1 season 5 then I might pick up this little bangle”. Most of the stuff was pretty much “Hmmm” with a dash of “Oh. Cool. Sort of. Maybe”. I saw a silver (white gold?) chain that I almost thought might be pretty if it was maybe a little different and these really neat deep burgundy stones that had a hint of purple but the settings were nothing to write home about and I don’t own anything that is deep burgundy purple. Accessory ennui I guess; I left the house with nothing but my ring this morning after thinking about which earrings and necklace combo I should wear. I decided it was too much effort and scrapped the accessorizing for the day. Feh.

I’m thinking about cornbread! TheMan is having a chili thing so I suggested we thaw out some of the chicken chili, bake up some taters and make some corn bread. Then I got to thinking about corn bread. Friday at the mumses house, my sis and I were getting breakfast ready (and yelling at my mumses and Mr. Paul to sit the hell down because it was their wedding day and they should relax and enjoy being catered to, damnit) when I looked at the pool of bacon grease I was collecting in the frying pan. I suggested we make up some cornbread seeings as we had drippings to put in it. Y’all, cornbread made with bacon drippings is the BOMB! My mumses used to make it like that all the time (she put bacon crumbles in too). We didn’t make corn bread but I think it has put it into my mind. I’m also thinking that tonight’s corn bread should have real corn in it. Maybe some jalapenos too.

I’m thinking about pudge. Yeah, baby’s got back. And side. And front. Maybe I should rephrase it as “Baby’s got” and leave it to the imagination. We have, after a fashion, once again embarked on the quest to better our health and things are trundling right along in a slow and hopefully forward way. I worked out during Stargate Monday but it wasn’t the bang up work out I had planned on doing. It was also not according to the schedule I had set down where in I was going to be one with the Bowflex on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but it was a work out. I think I’ll give myself a B- on that and move on. I should work out tonight but already I’m getting tired and losing energy. I really need to start getting up early and working out because that seems to be the only time I seem to be able to get a good work out and keep to a schedule. You know, if I ever got up early and worked out that is.

I’m thinking about house chores. Yeah, aren’t I boring. Here I am with a head potential for thinking off all sorts of great things and part of my brain is scheduling housework. I’ve got laundry thoughts that are trying to order which load should go in when I get home, wondering weather I have an empty basket to carry the laundry downstairs in, making contingent plans to put in the truck blankets to wash while I fold and put away an occupied basket and an overarching laundry thought that is assessing our stuff space and trying to decide what exactly we need to buy or build to make the laundry scene more efficient. No wonder I’m tired when I get home, it looks like I mentally do chores at work while I’m doing work things too. Don’t even get me started on the dishes. I have dishes thoughts too and they are running independently of the laundry thoughts. Scary.

I’m thinking about kitchens. Yesterday I decided I had had enough of bachelor kitchen so I grumbled about the mismatched hodgepodge dishes until TheMan relented and let me rearrange the dish situation. TheMan has 3 incomplete sets of dishes which combine to make one incomplete service for 4. It drives me nuts. I can’t even begin to say exactly why a kitchen with almost a half set of beige dishes, an eighth set of black dishes and slightly less than a third set of white dishes grates against my Nazi kitchen ways but somehow it just doesn’t feel like a real kitchen in a real home unless the dishes are all stacked in a nice neat orderly matching pile. So, I got out my mostly matching dishes (I did the best that I could with plates my mumses got on “we are never ever going to make this style ever again” sale) and we weeded out everything but his white and black dishes, which are a close enough match (and nest. Very important that) to my white dishes to let them ride. Somehow things are just a little bit more right for me now that the dishes match, more or less. Yup, freak. Moving on.

I’m thinking about thank yous. I’m not doing any currently, but I’m thinking about them.

I’m also thinking about errands that have to be done. I went out at lunch to mail a letter for a Librarian and I decided, since I was out, to do a little errand running of my own. I picked up TheMan’s comics from the Underworld and then moseyed to the bank. While there, I got out some eats money for me, a money order for TheMan (he won an e-bay auction. I don’t know what exactly, but he needed a money order) and I got them to fix my visa card. Waaaaaay back in November we went to get things changed and one of the things was did was get me a visa card with my new name issued. It never came. I’ve been using the old one and vendors will say “What’s with the different names?” when I sign boo Q under boo B so we tell them “We just got married *squee*” and do that dorky flourish of the rings thing. They seem to be happy with that, however, it’s been two months and at some point in time we will have gone from “just married” to “are married” and they wont be as forgiving. So, I got me a new card ordered. Again. Hopefully. Now, in the immediate future sort of errands to run (which neatly leaves out anything that may have to be gotten or done pertaining to the bathroom) category, we have only the extraneous returnables from the wedding to get returned and some condo stuff to hash out. Cinch!

I’m thinking about Smithee stuff. Promotions Fu! I have been collecting sock puppet materials and need only to get some white pleather (and maybe some socks, I need to check on my sock supply) and sock puppet making can commence. I’m thinking that after the beginning of February I can sit down and draft up a prototype puppet and dink around with it. Then the puppet making can begin in earnest. There are also buttons to be made, but that can wait until later, maybe, if we aren’t doing anything for the A2 show. Meh, I have until April, I think I’ll put it off until March. Except for the sock puppets, cuz they sound like a lot of fun. I’m all about the fun. MOO!

I’m thinking I might want to get back to work!

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