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This is David Bashir’s photo. Don’t swipe it without crediting him or I’ll have to go Rokokyu on your ass.

I was really going to post this yesterday, which would have been more appropriate as yesterday was the actual Chinese New Year, but unlike their western counterparts the Chinese go on celebrating for two weeks. ParTAY until February 6 y’all. There are also, of course, a number of traditions and superstitions attached with the day, most of which I have already broken. Take a peek if you like. About the only thing I didn’t not do…errr…well the only superstition I followed rather was the cleaning thing after new year. Nope, I did NOT lift one finger and clean anything yesterday. Of course I didn’t clean the house from top to bottom like I should have the day before but we aren’t talking about that.

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(This is David Bashir’s pic too. Credit him you pic thieving bastards!)

TheMan and I went over to Dirge and Shar’s place and the four of us went out to the local [cue reverb f/x] Atmospheric Chinese Restaurant. That place is the BOMB for kitchy faux Chinese set dressing. Good Crab cheese too. I got the best fortune for the whole “in bed” thing: You will always be successful in your professional career. Hee! It’s taped on my monitor of fortunes which also include the ego smacking The greatest danger could be your stupidity, the duhh news You like Chinese food and the ouch factor You should be pleased with the answers you are given now. I love belligerent fortunes.

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(David Bashir’s pic again. Look, don’t touch!)

Oooo! I am ALL sorts of excited (and here’s where I start talking computer game stuff so those of you who could care less can go back and look at the pretty pictures until the rest of us catch up. No going ahead though!). Whilst over at Dirge and Shar’s house, we got discussing EQ…again and I got to hating the EQ peoples again for their blatant apathy towards the mac user. I think I ranted about this somewhere before but I’ll do a small sum up so I don’t have to go looking and you don’t have to go looking and we can all just refresh our memories and move on. Damn lazy ass programmers didn’t even try to figure out how to make their software work for a mac, but instead wrote a PC skin for all macs to squeeze into because that was much easier than actually thinking. Lazy Couch Fucks. So, after a mac has gotten its own mac goodness up and running AND the PC skin AND the EQ program and gets onto THE (singular) mac server they are confined to playing only with other mac users. Because you know all us mac people don’t have ANY friends who use PCs, and vice versa.


(TheMan took this one. Ask him if you want to use it)

Thus my dilemma. I would like to participate in some EQ playing with Dirge and Shar, because despite the mind numbing game mechanics of the first version of EQ (which were very painful and, as I hear, are mostly fixed in the new version. Yay) I really enjoyed getting together online with the other folks and playing. However, I didn’t enjoy it that much to justify dropping ~$500 on a new PC just so the TheMan could play too. Oh I really wanted to but $500…I just can’t. We have the macs and my old PC we really, really don’t need to be spending that kind of money on a vestigial computer. *sigh* BUT! Dirge has a viable PC that just needs a new graphics card and power supply that he said we could borrow. Now THAT is viable. I’m good with upgrading our lone PC, just to have a current PC and hey, a power supply and card are much, much cheaper than a whole new system. Looks like EQ may be a go after all. Sahweet. I want to play a frog.

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(This pic? Bashir’s. Snatcheth not unless ye credit also)

Diablo! Because (say it with me) there’s always room for Diablo. We are participating in the Great (rescheduled) Diablo-a-thon part II tonight over at Therck and husband’s house. The delay has afforded me the time to get my druid up to the level of everyone else so we might have a more rounded party. Coolness. I guess there is not much more to say about that so I’ll move on.


(TheMan took this pic already so you don’t have to take it)

Saturday is going to be the umpteenth annual Main Street Association Chinese New Year Parade. All the pics in today’s entry have been from past year’s parades. I’m looking forward to having done another parade, but not particularly to doing the parade per se. It’s long, it’s exhausting and it looks like it’s going to be cold, cold, cold! That’s the toughest part of doing the parade and being a lion dancer; going from cold to sweaty under the lion back to cold again. I do NOT like that aspect of the parade. I do like tooling around to all the places and getting the gung bao packs and winding up at the Asian Bakery for some toasty drinks and eats (and maybe kisses from TheMan!) afterwards. And of course, the pics from the various people who follow the troupe. We get quite a crowd as we wind our way through town. If you are in the area, we hit the streets at 1:00 and will be mostly in the Main Street area. Come down and have a look see.


(I end with another pic from TheMan. Credit et. al.)

Last Year at the booniverse: Nothing to see, move along.

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