Stupid Winter Cold BAH!

I had plans this weekend…PLANS! And then I almost evicted a lung Saturday night. I am right tired of this winter cold, thankyouverymuch.

Friday night we did nothing of note. I grumbled a lot about the U not giving us any snow day compensation because they are stupid cheap monkey butts. I wasn’t asking for them to shut down, just maybe an hour or two of inclement weather pay since it was inclemently weathering for quite a bit in the morning. But no. They don’t care that the plows weren’t out until 8:30 in the morning which meant that most people couldn’t safely get in until after that time. Whatever, cook your beef longer.

The decision was probably that since it was the morning which was troublesome, people could just stay later to make up any time. You know, because that’s convenient for everybody since we all live within walking distance of the U and not out in the snowbound sticks. And also since nobody shuts down early the last day of exams it’ll be fine. Oh wait, we shut down at 6pm on Friday. So yeah. I’d stay late but MY BUILDING WAS CLOSED!!! I’d bet even money that if the nastiness had come in the afternoon the U would have called a couple inclement weather hours.

I also wish the U would pay attention to goings on because A2 is reducing their snow removal this winter. I’m not sure how exactly they could do any less snow removal than they have historically done except for maybe selling off all the equipment so they positively can’t do any but there you go. It’s not in the budget to remove snow so they just aren’t going to do it. Tra-la-la! You would think that after 83 years in the same place the town would have a clue about how much snow it usually gets in the winter and budget accordingly. You would be wrong. Thus, no plows until fairly late in the game but that apparently won’t stop the U. ARRRGH!

Saturday I did nothing. There was some cranky Warcraft and then a lot of napping. Oh and the great lung expulsion of ought eight. I have no more cough suppressant but I got to sleep early. Apologies to StalkerPatti for not attending her Kwanza party but I figured plague wasn’t a gift anyone really wanted. It’s not even a good white elephant gift but it does regift easily.

Sunday we did not go over to the Sis’s house because of the plague. We played more Warcraft and I did some laundry. I was vastly amused by our Warcraft friend who quit two weeks ago. He’s back on with a new account and since I “friended” him (it’s a super Warcraft thing wherein you get mad phat EXPs and a cool thing for inviting someone to play the game) we leveled like mad things. I had a little rogue which palled around with his new dr00d and we kicked major heiney. He put himself on parental restriction for the weekends only but by the time Sunday night rolled around he was at 19 already. 19!! Krazy.

They also do not kid around with the parental restrictions. At midnight sharp his character froze up and logged out. It was pretty funny, especially since he was two steps away from turning in a quest which would have leveled him to 20. Suck, but also HEE!

2007: JSFR: Marron Pocky

2006: And if you are opening gifts on Christmas eve you’d better put them back in the box and rewrap them before my mumses finds out or you’re going to get into so much trouble.

2005: It also probably makes the room smell like cat ass but it keeps them happy and Isaak quiet. That alone is worth the waft of cat ass.

2004: Whoooo! Three cheers and a whoot for me today because I wrapped nearly ALL the presents last night. I rock!

2003: Hmmm, I think what sounded like bastard cookies was when you said “bastard cookies”.

2002: Hee! Say it in an Andy Griffith voice and it becomes even funnier!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    We missed you soooo much! You have no idea what sort of carnage that Philip Michael Thomas movie wrought. It was so…so…I mean, he did an epilogue and a prologue talking about how it was the most important work of his career. At least, that’s what I think he said. He was playing pool and mumbling like he had just smoked a big, fat blunt so I don’t know.
    On the plus side, we were all just about to do angel dust, and then we saw this movie warning us not to. So I guess there’s that.
    Seriously, we did miss you and Matt! We will see you at the next Smithee drinking night if not before 🙂 And I hope you are feeling better!

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