I’m Older Than I Was Before

and now I’m even older,

and now I’m even older,

and now I’m even older.

I’m older than I was before and now I’m even older,

and now I’m older still.

-paraphrased and blatantly stolen from

They Might Be Giants

Hey hey! For those of you who have been playing at home you know what day it is (or at least those of you with the curiosity or intellect to go looking at last year’s entry). That’s right, it’s the single most important day of the year (thankyouverymuch) and I intend to make everything about me today. Already I have had some really cool presents and the day is but half done or so. The “I” crawled up for morning birthday scritchies from cat mom (different than the normal morning scritchies because today everything is done for and because of me) and we had a good bonding session. The Little Kitty couldn’t be bothered to get off her fat ass and come over for any scritchie love so for her: “There are no scritchies for you! Only Zuul!” Who says I can’t be generous today as well?

The weather dropped in to say hello and left some freezing rain, sleet and BIG FAT SNOW plus white out conditions here and there for the ride in. Awwww, Mother Nature cares. I suppose I’ll have to send a thank you note to her now, although I don’t know really about her gift. Not that I’m going to say anything to her face about it (that’s seven kinds of rude) because she really didn’t have to get me anything BUT if it were me and I was giving a gift to her, I’d be sure that she got lots and lots of lots and lots of snow. I’d make certain that she got an INCLIMATE WEATHER DAY from her employers out of it AND that the lion dance that she is supposed to be going to that she accidentally signed up for got cancelled. I’m just saying.

I also got to set up for my birthday celebration here at the office. I suppose if it is all about me than I’m the one who should be doing the gophering but I’m taking the stance that I shouldn’t have to fetch on my birthday. I did anyway but I’m going to instigate a new rule for next year: No Fetching On My Birthday. Well, You can fetch on my birthday because it’s my birthday and you are supposed to be nice to me and cater to me and all sorts of good things but *I* don’t have to. Don’t worry, I’ll fetch for you on your birthday. It’s only fair. I’ll work on getting you an INCLIMATE WEATHER DAY too because I like you that much.

My mumses came out in the slippery glop (that if it really loved me would, at any moment, get really really nasty and cancel my evening obligations) and took me to Real Seafood Company for lunch. My mumses loves me. We have a standing tradition of going out to lunch at RSC on my birthday because they will give you a free meal PLUS the world’s best dessert ever: Brandy Chocolate Mousse. I’m full of mousse as I type and I’m all happy and satiated. We were adventurous sorts and tried the Chef’s Special appetizer which was scallops and shrimp in a cream sauce and served with puff pastry. Taaaasty. I got the swordfish special which was…interesting. The fish was excellent, maybe a titch on the dry side if anything and the flavor was tres magnifique. I love me some grilled fish. It came sitting on tarragon vegetables (artichoke, onion and spinach) and wearing a salsa hat. I decided I wasn’t going to deal with the salsa hat so I scraped that off posthaste. The veggies were good and tart and tangy and tasty (the three Ts!) but not something that particularly goes with grilled swordfish, at least not in my mind. I ate them like a side dish and things were golden. Add in a seafood gumbo (eh, needed salt and pepper but the okra wasn’t too bad at all. I really enjoyed munching on them, something that I am not taken to very much) and we had lots of tasty food to eat.

Pardon me (Brandy Chocolate Mousse burp).

Eventually we will have cake in the office today, not that I have any room after food, seafood and mousse, but I am looking forward to the festiveness of it. One of the Librarians made me a cake *squeee* CAKE! and at some point in time we might all be around to do the celebration thing. We tried this morning but it just didn’t take. I don’t even know what kind of cake it is, it’s being kept a secret! Hopefully we have a couple more hours to go before cracking into that so that I will have digested a small pocket within which to stuff cake. After cake, though, I’m not eating anything else. I learned from last year.

One can not plan three full birthday meals in one day without some danger to poppage (I think she’s gonna blow, Captain!) so TheMan will be taking me out for birthday dinner on Friday. That way when we go to Paesanno’s, our bestest favoritest restaurant ever on the face of this earth barring the advent of a more superior restaurant coming onto the scene, I can drink three and a glass halvsies of wine AND have the Cappuccino Caddy. Not only that, I can sleep in the next day after staying awake until the wee hours all buzzy like from sugar and CAPPUCCINO and not have to worry about functioning really. You have to respect the birthday dinner. Sometimes it takes a full weekend to recover from one.

Meh, I am tired. We did Mon Jin Lau last night (look here for fun and excitement and bloody knuckles from last year) and it was ass cold. COLD I say! My fingers were going numb in my gloves and positively froze in less than a minute when I had to take a glove off to tie something. Damn cold. Of course, I was outside but you always have to count on being outside for this gig. If you wind up inside, great! But outside is usually some sort of hell dimension just for the night and prepping for it makes it at least bearable. I had my many layers on (except for feet and hands) and I was pretty much fine (except for my feet and hands) but it does begin to wear on you after banging a gong or cymbal for 20 minutes or so. Cold, cold, cold.

Some interesting highlights from this year: I think I accidentally cued the lion after a fashion. The gig is in three parts, outside, back room and bar area and we usually do it with three teams. Outside team has it the worse because they sit and wait and wait and wait while the monk and the restaurant owner try to get as many of the drunk rich patrons outside to see the festivities as they can while the drunk rich patron people really don’t want to be standing out in the cold (because it’s always butt nasty cold on Mon Jin Lau night) waiting for all the other drunk rich people patrons to come out to start the show so some of them go back in while others sit and bitch. So after standing around while the instruments bang away and everyone is either out, in, out and in, in coming out or just plain out of it, the restaurant owner lights off his three miles of Chinese firecrackers (re: two 12 foot strands. No really) and the lion does its outside lion thing. In the cold. Because it’s always cold on Mon Jin Lau night.

After being chilled, deafened and on the rare occasion lit on fire from one of the firecrackers, the outside team sits down and waits for the drunk rich patron people to file back inside (which for some reason they can never do with any speed what-so-ever) and then the second team takes over. I’ve done outside and back room. So anyway, this year we had two new teams working the lion and one of them was the outside team. It also took extra long to get the drunk rich patron people outside so we were playing and playing and playing and freezing important body parts off (because it’s always hellishly cold on Mon Jin Lau night). Finally, after playing 20 plus minutes of ching -[snuff]- ching -[snuff]- ching, ching ching -[snuff]- I yelled at Freddie to play the fast beat ( ching, ching ching, ching, ching…) because I was losing fingers feeling snuffing the cold gong. Fast beat is warmer. I guess it’s warmer for the drummer too because he was only too happy to start up all freaky nuts with the fast beat. Whooo! What we, and everyone else who was involved in the lion dance, didn’t expect was the lion to come busting out on the fast beat cue. Ahhhh…oops. Chris’s face was the funniest thing ever: He was supposed to give the go.

Heh. Well, I’m not taking full responsibility because Freddie did start to play the fast beat (well, yeah because I sort of hollered at him to do so but hey, we aren’t going into that right now) and the first team knew to wait for the go, but what I should have realized is that the fast beat is the cue in the scenario to the lion to come busting out. Ah well, at least my fingers got warmer and I almost got to see one of my seniors run down by a lion. Bonus, Entertainment!

Last Year at the booniverse: I was happy about being 32 because it has, maybe a gazillion factors…plus it’s 2 to the 5th. Don’t get much neater than that.

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  1. Mum Says:

    Happy Birthday Afterglow. Yesterday was indeed a wonderful day.

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